Here’s Why Taylor Swift Fans Now Think Her Relationship With Joe Alwyn Fell Apart in 2021

Robert Kamau

Many Taylor Swift fans have previously theorized that “Your Losing Me” was a Joe Alwyn breakup song—and Jack Antonoff's latest Instagram story only added fuel to the fire.

For a long time Swifties could hear the Midnights bonus track only if they purchased the CD version of the album that was exclusively sold at the Eras Tour stop in East Rutherford, New Jersey, back in May (or, of course, via TikTok).

However, the 33-year-old pop star finally made the heartbreaking ballad available to Spotify users on November 29 after being named Global Top Artist by the music streaming platform. Swift announced the news on, writing, “Um ok this is unreal?? I just wanted to say to anyone who listened to my music this year, anywhere in the world, thank you. Getting named Spotify’s Global Top Artist in 2023 is truly the best birthday/holiday gift you could’ve given me. We’ve seriously had THE MOST fun this year out there on tour and now this. Are you serious.”

She continued, “So I was trying to think of a way to thank you, and a lot of you have been asking me to put ‘You’re Losing Me (From The Vault)’ on streaming… so here you go! You can finally listen EVERYWHERE now.”

However, it was longtime producing partner Jack Antonoff's social media activity that caused the most buzz. To celebrate the release, Antonoff shared a personal photo of Swift in her kitchen with the caption “‘You're Losing Me’ is out today. A very special track from the Midnights sessions that's finally streaming! Written and recorded at home on 12/5/21 right after Taylor ate those raisins.”

Now, fans who already believed "You're Losing Me" was about the end of Swift's romance with Joe Alwyn are convinced the relationship was crumbling for over a year before news of their split went public in April 2023. Initial reports suggested Alwyn “struggled” with Swift’s level of fame, leading to their breakup. Back when the song was first released, fans drew many comparisons to lyrics from Swift's Lover album, which was also widely believed to be inspired by Alwyn.

Meanwhile, one eagle-eyed fan also pointed out the wine bottle in the photo of Swift is called Gaslighter Rosé. Take from that what you will….

Taylor Swift and Antonoff collaborated on Midnights while Alwyn and Antonoff's now wife Margaret Qualley were off filming a project together in Panama.

In an Instagram post from October 2022, when the album was released, Swift wrote that she and the music producer “found ourselves back in New York, alone, recording every night, staying up late and exploring old memories and midnights past.”

Another TikTok user suggests Antonoff already dropped shady breadcrumbs about Alwyn on Swift's “Anti-Hero” remix featuring his band Bleachers.

If they're right, Antonoff may have even more to say on his upcoming album, which includes a track titled “Hey Joe.”

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