'Hi-Fi Rush' is an action rhythm game you can play today

It's 'Devil May Cry' with a beat.

Tango Gameworks/Bethesda Softworks

Here's a pleasant surprise from Xbox and Bethesda's Developer Direct showcase: a full game you can download (almost) right away. The Evil Within studio Tango Gameworks has unveiled Hi-Fi Rush, a combo-driven brawler with rhythm game elements. You play Chai, a would-be rockstar who fights a robotics company with the help of the beat. Think Devil May Cry or Bayonetta crossed with a music game, or a very pretty spiritual sequel to Crypt of the NecroDancer. You aren't forced to play to the beat, but you're rewarded for staying in sync with high-powered combo moves and finishers.

Not surprisingly, style plays an important role. The game revolves around its anime-inspired cel-shaded look, its non-stop humor and a mix of both licensed and original music. Streamers don't have to panic about copyright violations — there's an "alternate audio mode" to keep the soundtrack legal during broadcasts.

The title will be available later today for Xbox Series X/S and Windows PCs (through the Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store and Steam). It's also available through Game Pass on these platforms. This is a distinct change of pace for Tango, which is better known for dark, moody titles like Ghostwire: Tokyo. You might not mind, though, particularly if you're looking for something more upbeat.