Hilaria Baldwin opens up about 'abusive comments' she receives online: 'Disturbing'

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Hilaria Baldwin posted an emotional video about the toxic comments she receives online. (Photo by Jason Mendez/WireImage)

Hilaria Baldwin is opening up about the "abusive comments" she receives online.

On Wednesday, the mother-of-six posted an emotional video on Instagram that drew attention to the harmful and damaging messages she receives on a daily basis.

In the clip, the 38-year-old filmed herself speaking from the heart about her experience with online hate and how it's never justified.

"I'm going to share some abusive comments that I get with you and the purpose is to let you know that you're not alone," the 38-year-old began. "These kinds of comments are very harmful and cause incredible mental damage...When you receive abuse you never deserve it, and there's no way that people can justify treating you badly."

In the caption, Baldwin explained that she's been researching the issue in order to be "part of the solution," and tried to understand why some women send her such toxic messages.

"I’ve been doing so much research and learning on why some women are inhumane to each other. I want to understand where it stems from, so I can try to be a part of the solution," explained the yoga instructor.

"I’ve learned that so many of you are suffering in silence from this kind of harassment. These people often get radicalized in online hate forums. May my example make you know that you are not alone and you are always allowed a seat at the table," she added.

Baldwin went on to discuss that because women come from a repressed group, they have been conditioned to compete with one another as a survival mechanism.

"As women, we have been taught to live with abuse around us. Because we have been conditioned for this, many feel that they are justified in doing it to each other. It’s a longer conversation ... but one I want to keep on having, because as we live right now, people are dealing with depression and suicide because of this abuse. ... In our minds and lips we try to make sense of the abuse. Do we deserve it? How can we rationalize it?" she asked.

"The answer is: you can’t. It doesn’t and will never make sense. This is behaviour of mean girls who grow up and continue their sororicide," Baldwin concluded.

Examples of the types of harmful comments Hilaria Baldwin receives on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/hilariabaldwin)
Examples of the types of harmful comments Hilaria Baldwin receives on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/hilariabaldwin)

Fans were quick to express their shock at the harmful comments Baldwin receives.

"This is beyond sad and disturbing. ... I don’t even have words for it," wrote a follower. "But I know you’re stronger and it will only make your skin thicker and you’ll continue to spread more kindness and love even to the least deserving because they need it the most."

"It’s so sad that women are like this towards each other, life is hard enough as it is. Putting love and support out there and boosting each other up, is so much easier than hate," added another.

"You're a wonderful woman so don't turn off the light you have inside you," commented a fan. "You have very important values ... and from woman to woman I send you all the love."

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