Hilaria Baldwin gets real about 'abusive' comments she receives online: 'Rise up'

Hilaria Baldwin worked out with her kids in an adorable throwback video. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
Hilaria Baldwin took to Instagram to call out bullies. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Hilaria Baldwin is speaking out against the haters.

On Tuesday, the mother-of-six took to her Instagram story to open up about the "self-destructive behaviour" she encounters on a regular basis.

"I have learned to stop being complicit in self-destructive behaviour because some abusive people who are filled with hate, prejudice, and ignorance have made me a target," she wrote on the story.

The Boston, Massachusetts native went on to explain that as we only have "one life," there's no point being anyone but yourself.

"You only have one life to live, friends...don't waste it being a punching bag for people who get high off hurting others. You just rise up and be 100% you," Baldwin concluded. "Life's stage directions: steps into the best and free life you deserve."

Hilaria Baldwin's Instagram story. (Photo via Instagram/hilariabaldwin)
Hilaria Baldwin's Instagram story. (Photo via Instagram/hilariabaldwin) (Instagram/hilariabaldwin)

This isn't the first time that Baldwin has had to deal with bullies and negative comments.

Earlier this month, the 38-year-old took to her Instagram Stories to open up about a run-in with a baby bump shamer.

Hilaria is currently expecting her seventh child with actor Alec Baldwin, so she’s no stranger to the realities of pregnancy — including body shaming. However, the entrepreneur and author isn't one to let these harmful comments ruin her day.

"Oh, forgot to tell you that at the carnival yesterday an old man working at one of the booths shouted at me: 'I can tell it's twins! That big belly! I know these things!' Self-proclaimed expert. I'm sure he knows from all the babies he's had. I just wave and walk on...who the f— cares? Why is it always men who do this? One baby is popping out of this body. Why argue with an 'expert'?" she wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

Baldwin is one of many stars who have opened up about the shaming they get over their pregnant bodies. Previously, Blac Chyna addressed negative comments she received about her appearance while carrying her first child, and Australian fitness influencer Hannah Polities clapped back against people who claimed her fit pregnant body was unhealthy.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 21: Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin attend the opening night of
Hilaria Baldwin is currently expecting her seventh child with actor Alec Baldwin. (Photo by Jason Mendez/Getty Images) (Jason Mendez via Getty Images)

In July, Baldwin revealed how her body is "slowing down" while carrying her seventh child in a lengthy post about pregnancy and exercise.

"As I begin the final trimester of this pregnancy, I feel my body slowing down. I love exercising while pregnant and feel grateful that my pregnancies have allowed for me to be active," she wrote. "We all know that every pregnancy is different and much control we have to let go to nature and listen to what our reality is. I got pregnant with Carmen at 28 and I’m 38 to have this baby girl. Age and wear and tear of so many pregnancies and babies are things I definitely feel."

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