The Hilarious Story of Why Taylor Swift Gave Her Purse to Geraldine Viswanathan

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It's safe to say that Geraldine Viswanathan is truly living out our wildest dreams (heh). During an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the actor recounted the story of when met Taylor Swift at Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff's wedding (Geraldine and Margaret star in the film Drive Away Dolls together) and went home with an iconic souvenir: the singer's handbag.

Geraldine gave the late-night television host a full breakdown of the sitch after he pulled out a picture of her holding up a purse and smiling next to Tay.

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"Why are you holding up a bag like you're on QVC?" Meyers asked the actor.

"Funny you ask," she replied while legit cracking up. "I was hanging out with Margaret and Jack in the studio and Taylor was on her way out, and Jack was like, 'Taylor, have you met Geraldine? She's in the movie with Margaret.'"

The actor then gushed over the singer and noted that she was "so nice" and even commented that she "can’t wait" to see their new movie. At that moment, Geraldine then raved over Taylor's handbag, which prompted a truly!!!!!! response. "She was like, 'Thanks. Do you want it?' and I was kind of just like, 'What?'"

"And then she started taking her stuff out of her bag into her pockets and was like, 'I got this for free, like, you can take it.' So, I took her bag!" she continued before ending with,"I took her bag[…]and I have proof!" No thoughts, just 🤯.

Jack (aka the full-on matchmaker in Geraldine's story) and Tay have been longtime friends and collaborators, and have had many sweet moments together over the years. Most recently, the producer gave the "Anti-Hero" singer a huge shoutout after he took home the Grammy Award for Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical.

"You need a door kicked open for you, and different people have done that [for me at] different points of my life. My parents when they said, 'Yeah go play music, we’re not gonna give you a hard time,' all the early bands I was in..." Jack began during his heartwarming speech.

"Taylor Swift kicked that f*cking door open for me, because when a lot of people were saying 'yeah, I love it, sounds great. Now let’s get a producer to do it'...And everyone in this room especially knows that feeling [when there’s] all these people saying, 'no, it’s gotta go to a big name person,'" he continued. "And we made a song called 'Out Of The Woods' for 1989 and when I was waiting for that call that says 'Okay, now this goes to some big name person' she said, 'Let’s mix this shit.' So, I love you to death Taylor."

Tear ducts = activated.

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