Hoda Kotb Removes Food from Jenna Bush Hager’s Teeth That Was Stuck There Since Yesterday: ‘What a Friend’

Live on 'Today with Hoda and Jenna,' Kotb helped wedge the piece of food out of Bush Hager's teeth

<p>NBC/Today Show</p> Hoda Kotb removes food from Jenna Bush Hager

NBC/Today Show

Hoda Kotb removes food from Jenna Bush Hager's teeth

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager are way closer than most colleagues.

On the April 3 episode of Today with Hoda and Jenna, Kotb noticed something in Bush Hager’s tooth. "It’s in there. I’m sorry,” Kotb said.

Bush Hager insisted she didn’t have any food today, shocked that something could be stuck between her teeth. Kotb insisted, “Yeah you did!” After attempts to get it out, Kotb said, “It’s still there. It’s down below, it’s here,” to which Bush Hager once again reiterated, “What! I have not had food this morning.”

Kotb then came to the conclusion that maybe Bush Hager was right. “Well then it must have been from yesterday,” Kotb said.

The mom of three then showed her teeth to the camera — a dark speck visible in her bottom row. Grossed out by herself, Bush Hager said, “Ew!” while Hoda asked the crew for a pencil to help wedge it out.

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<p>NBC/Today Show</p> Jenna Bush Hager with food stuck in her teeth

NBC/Today Show

Jenna Bush Hager with food stuck in her teeth

Ultimately, Kotb used the corner of paper to remove the piece of leftover food. “What a friend,” Bush Hager said of her co-worker. Finally, Kotb announced, “It’s gone.”

While Bush Hager said it was “so gross,” she defended her oral hygiene. “I brushed my teeth twice!”

Luckily, her Today colleague wasn’t judgmental. “It’s okay, sometimes we just miss a little,” Kotb added.

The Today co-hosts prove time and again that anything can really happen on live television. In a February episode of Today with Hoda and Jenna, Kotb lost a contact lens on air and couldn’t read her lines.

"I think I have a contact stuck in my eye way up here," Kotb said at the end of the program's first segment. "I don't think I took it out last night and I can't find it. It feels like it's in there!"

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"I'm not kidding," she added as she rubbed her left eye. "I was going to go to the eye doctor but I didn't have time."

Bush Hager offered support but wasn't sure what to do. So Kotb asked the audience for advice.

"Maybe people have tricks on how to get it out, because I'm sure people have had contacts that have rolled up," she asked. "How do I get it out? I've tried? If you guys know, will you post on X? I just want to get it out!"

When the show returned from commercial break for its second segment, Bush Hager said the situation had only gotten worse. "We have breaking news: Hoda has now lost all eyesight because her other contact fell out," she said. "I'm going to go ahead and read and hopefully when the health person comes, we can resolve this issue."

As she did that, Kotb looked in a handheld mirror, trying to find what was going wrong. "There are two in there, I'm not kidding," she lamented.

She then tried a fan-submitted tip. She looked down and pulled on her lid and luckily, it worked. "That was so crazy, that was the best advice!" she said.

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