7 Critical (But Doable) Chores Around The House That Most People Don't Even Realize They Have To Do, According To A Home Expert

If you're a homeowner (or even if you're a renter), you likely already know that keeping your space in tip-top condition can feel like an uphill battle. And if you haven't already realized that, the clock's ticking.

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The fact is, owning a home often feels more like a never-ending (and deeply maddening) sequence of chores, and if you've never been taught proper home maintenance, knowing where to start can feel near impossible. Without careful care, many of the costly appliances and additions that keep your home running properly could fall apart well before their expiration date, so to speak — and as the homeowner in charge, it'll end up costing you a pretty penny to replace them all.

While we eagerly await the day that every new home comes with a manual (a guy can dream, right?), we can turn to home maintenance experts like Kyshawn, the founder of Weekly Home Check. His viral online checklist and weekly how-to videos take new homeowners through 52 weeks of crucial home upkeep tasks; over time, he's also noticed a handful of important tasks that many people didn't even realize they had to do before finding his content.

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These are the commonly forgotten home upkeep tasks that Kyshawn notices the most. Prepare yourself to gasp audibly when you realize you've unknowingly been putting some of these off for many years!

1.Twice a year, clean and vacuum the condenser coils on your refrigerator, likely in the back of your appliance or just underneath. While the task might seem head-scratchingly futile at a glance, doing so regularly can actually lower your energy bill and help prevent any unnecessary strain on the parts that keep the contents of your fridge nice and chilly.

A damaged air conditioner unit with exposed coils and components

According to Kyshawn, cleaning your refrigerator coils is especially important if you have pets since even with regular vacuuming of your kitchen, pet hair can easily coat your fridge coils before you know it.

Person using a screwdriver on a vent cover at floor level

2.Take a thorough video of the entire interior and exterior of your home once per year. This can serve as proof of all your possessions for your insurance carrier should you ever deal with a natural disaster, flood, or fire — knock on wood.

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Ideally, this recording captures all the nooks and crannies of your home. But at minimum, you should make sure to capture all your high-value items, like furniture, electronics, or valuables like art and jewelry.

A damaged room with torn walls and flooring, suggesting renovation or damage repair in progress

3.Every two to three months, properly flush your sink and shower drains to help prevent clogs, unpleasant odors, and even fruit flies. (If you've ever dealt with the latter, you'll know that it's a situation very much worth avoiding.)

Hand in glove pouring baking soda into a cup in a sink, with caption "1/2 a cup of baking soda."

To naturally combat your drain woes, get in the habit of treating your drains with this magic combination of ingredients you likely already have around the house.

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4.Change the air filters on your HVAC unit(s) every 30 to 90 days. Kyshawn says this is important for multiple reasons, including potentially lowering your energy bill.

Person replacing an air filter in a wall vent, with text "Take out the old filter"

Beyond energy usage, regularly replacing your HVAC unit's air filter can help maintain healthy air quality in the home and reduce allergens, Kyshawn says.

Hand cleaning a white blind with a blue cloth, caption reads "wipe the grid down."

5.Every one to three months (depending on how heavy your usage is), clean the filter on your dishwasher. Yes, you need to clean the appliances that clean things for you — or, as Kyshawn says, "Your dishwasher cleans your dishes, but who cleans the dishwasher?" (The answer is...you.)

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If you're not sure whether your filter needs cleaning, there are often subtle signs that it's overdue, like a drop in cleaning performance, food remaining on dishes after a cycle, or noticing that your dishes or glasses are getting scratched or marked up by loose debris or grit.

Dishwasher open with one glass on the top rack and overlay text

6.While we're on the subject of cleaning appliances that clean other things, let's chat about your washing machine. Whether you have a front- or top-loading machine, you'll likely need to give it a thorough cleaning once a month. Here's why.

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Running your washing machine's "tub clean" cycle once a month with tub cleaner (like Affresh or Oxi Clean tablets) can keep things running optimally and ensure that your washing machine runs properly for years to come — and that your clothes come out truly clean every time.

Person cleaning a top-load washing machine

7.Last but certainly not least, if your home has gutters, clean and inspect them at least twice a year. If you're not 100% comfortable on a ladder, hire a pro to do it for you. Water is the enemy in quite literally every home maintenance scenario, so not keeping up with your gutters can damage your home in seriously costly (and frustrating) ways.

Gutter filled with dry leaves next to a shingle roof, indicating lack of maintenance

Ideally, you'll perform this task twice a year; where Kyshawn lives in the Northeast, it's advisable to perform this task at the end of fall (once the leaves have finished falling) and once again before rainy summer weather hits.

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Let us know which one of these tasks you'll tackle first in the comments below. For more home maintenance tips and advice, follow Kyshawn's Weekly Home Check on TikTok and Instagram.