'Home Town' Fans Flood Erin Napier with Support After Emotional Post

today pictured ben and erin napier on monday, april 17, 2023 photo by nathan congletonnbc via getty images
Erin Napier Shares Emotional Mother's Day PostNBC

Mother's Day can be an emotional time for anyone, but for moms of little ones, the day can serve as a reminder of just how quickly children grow up. That seems to be the case for HGTV star Erin Napier.

Erin is the mom to two young daughters, Helen, 5, and Mae, who turns 2 this month. Fans of the Home Town Takeover star can count on her to keep it real when it comes to motherhood, small-town life, home decor, and more. She shared a special moment with her daughter that brought out the emotions in her followers.

Erin shared two photos from a "Muffins with Mom" event with Helen. In the first picture, she shows off a sweet handprint craft created by Helen, and the second photo shows a Mother's Day drawing Helen created for her mom.

Erin wrote of this special moment, "My first Muffins with Mom at school. My gosh what a privilege to be someone’s home, mama, comfort. Between this and the cuddles from Mae this morning who told me 'you my bess fren,' feeling like my heart could bust. For you mamas coming up on our special day and feeling so tired and like you don’t know what you’re doing: it’s all of us. 20 years from today we will miss this incredibly difficult and sweet season, so let’s savor every drop."

Erin was flooded with supportive comments from her followers:

  • "In 20 years your daughters may be your best friends. You still get the hugs. The sweet gifts and the fun. It’s just so much deeper and sweeter. Don’t fear the future. Your children will always have your heart"

  • "Being a mama truly is the best ❤️"

  • "My kids are all grown! Yes cherish this season with your little ones. Nothing is more important!"

  • "Those toddler/preschool years are tough, but show me a video of my girls at that age and I’m a wreck. I miss the way those baby voices sounded now that they’re 8 and 10. Still some remnants of being little girls, but they’re on the fast track to those preteen years. Holding on and letting go all at the same time. 😢❤️ Happy Mother’s Day weekend."

Part of Erin's mission as a mother is to protect her children from the dangers of social media. She recently told fans that she's "planning something big" by creating a network for like-minded parents who are raising social media-free kids called Osprey ("Old School Parents Raising Engaged Youth").

Erin promises more details soon. Until then, we're sending her wishes for a happy Mother's Day!

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