Honda production knocked offline by ransomware cyberattack

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Honda has suspended automobile and motorcycle production at several facilities around the globe due to a suspected ransomware cyberattack. According to reports in Japan, domestic production is back online and shipments are flowing out of its Japanese plants. Facilities in Ohio, where popular models like the Accord and CR-V are produced along with the Acura ILX, TSX and NSX, as well as those in Turkey, India and Brazil are reportedly still offline.

"On Sunday, June 7, Honda experienced a disruption in its computer network that has caused a loss of connectivity, thus impacting our business operations," Honda said in a statement. "Our information technology team is working quickly to assess the situation."

The suspected attack affected Honda’s production globally starting on Monday, forcing some plants to stop operations as the company needed to ensure that its quality control systems were not compromised. In addition, the automaker confirmed via Twitter that its Customer Service and Financial Services are currently unavailable.

The Telegraph (subscription required) in the UK reports that Honda's servers were infected with the EKANS (that's snake spelled backwards) malware, which encrypts data until payment is made to the attackers, who then provide the decryption key.

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