I Have To Be Honest, Doja Cat Changed My Mind About Colored Contacts

Doja Cat is a musical icon who has always pushed the boundaries of beauty standards. During Paris Couture Week, she wowed everyone with her bold, red Swarovski crystal look; now, as New York Fashion Week kicks off, Doja has once again caught the attention of beauty enthusiasts everywhere by reviving a trend that was once thought to be outdated: colored contacts.

Doja appeared at the Victoria's Secret "The Tour" '23 event, which marked the official beginning of Fashion Week. Her look was so unique and extravagant that it could easily be mistaken for that of Beyonce's "Alien Superstar." She rocked an all-black dress that perfectly matched her '90s-esque, bleached buzz cut. The dress was adorned with intricate details that accentuated her curves, taking the statement of LBD literally and figuratively.

For the glam, her eyes were highlighted with shimmering silver-purple eyeshadow that gave her eyes a piercing reflection, drawing much attention to her gray-colored contacts. Colored contacts have quite the fashion faux pas rep but with Doja wearing them, many of us may have a change of hearts. (Not me, but she's cute tho.)

If this is a peek into what we need to expect from Doja during New York Fashion Week, the Hypebae Beauty Team will be tuned in, as we know our girl is going to give us a show.


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