Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer Now Exists

This will make your Super Bowl viewing experience complete.

<p>Truly Hard Seltzer</p>

Truly Hard Seltzer

Earlier this month, Popeyes announced it would give away free chicken wings if either the Baltimore Ravens or the Buffalo Bills won the Super Bowl. It called the promo “Wings for Wings,” and those teams were chosen because the Ravens’ mascot, uh, has wings, and Buffalo is eternally connected to wings, in general. Unfortunately, we will have to pay for our own six-pieces after those teams were knocked out of the playoffs by the Super Bowl-bound Kansas City Chiefs. But there’s another way you can bring the flavor of hot wings to your big game celebrations, and it’s not even by picking up a to-go order of wings.

Truly Hard Seltzer has announced an ultra-limited edition release of its Hot Wing Sauce-flavored seltzer, and it immediately sold out because, apparently, we’re ALL going through some stuff right now. (Not to worry: Truly says an immediate restock is on the way.)

The sure-to-sell-out-again Hot Wing Sauce-flavored Truly Hard Seltzer is sold in a pack of four 16-ounce cans and is available exclusively through Each four-pack sells for $24 and can only be delivered to customers aged 21+ in five states: California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. (That’s right: San Francisco 49ers fans can raise a can of Truly to toast to their team in next Sunday’s Super Bowl, but Kansas City fans will have to make their own Hot Wing-flavored beverages.)

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"We're all about keeping it light, so we're bringing drinkers everything they need to accompany the cheers, jeers, and tears of game day in one convenient package with Truly Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer," Matt Withington, Truly Hard Seltzer's senior director of marketing, said in a statement. "We've kicked things up a notch with this flavor exploration inspired by the flavor lab at Truly L.A. and can't wait for fans to try this fun and playful combination that's sure to score."

When Truly posted about the release on Instagram, the response was mixed. One commenter wrote that they were "checking the calendar to see if it's [April Fool's Day]," while another ultra-enthusiastic fan wrote in all-caps, "I'M GONNA DRINK THIS WITH A SIDE OF RANCH." (We're semi-convinced that comment came from Jason Kelce's burner account.)

If you live in the delivery area and want a pack of Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer, then watch the GiveThemBeer site today. If not, then you may have to DIY it with a tube of Buffalo Sauce-flavored lip balm and a can of club soda. 

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