18 Ridiculously Oblivious Quotes That I Can't Believe Rich People Had The Audacity To Say

I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the most out of touch thing they've ever heard a rich person say, and after reading the responses, I've never felt more broke. Here are the most ridiculous answers:

1.“My rich friend once said, 'My house only has six bedrooms.'”

"ugh, ONLY six bedrooms"
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2.“$100 is super cheap for a pair of shoes."


3."There was a boy at my high school who was so rich he used to pay people $20 EACH so he could go ahead of them in lines!"


4."A wealthy acquaintance told me that she and her husband had a bad year because they only had been on one cruise!"

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5."I was talking about how we sometimes struggled to afford food growing up, and a rich girl I went to school with said, 'My family is rich, but we have the smallest house in our neighborhood, which for Dallas means you’re poor, so I understand what you went through.'"


6."My husband grew up wealthy and was completely stunned to discover that bananas could be purchased individually. He thought I was committing some sort of crime, so I directed his attention to the fact that they are PRICED INDIVIDUALLY (Trader Joe's), and he admitted he had never checked a price in his life. 🤦🏼‍♀️"


7."Her dishwasher broke, and she was complaining about washing her dishes by hand. She even said that she felt like a poor person. When I told her that I hand wash all my dishes, she said, 'Aww. It’s okay to be poor.'"

"lowkey a sign of wealth"


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8."My best friend invited me on a trip that I couldn’t afford to take. She knew I was struggling financially. She asked me, 'Can’t your parents help you?' No, they have their own expenses. We don’t all have rich relatives handing out checks. We’re not friends anymore."


9."During my freshman year of college, I watched a kid take his expensive Coach backpack and slide it across the classroom floor like it was cheap. I had a class with him senior year, and he had a different Coach bag. He still treated it the same way."


10."Our town had a massive snow storm and pretty much everyone lost power including stores and fast food places. The grocery store I worked at had a gas powered generator that only had enough power for some lights and the registers. One woman stormed up to me and demanded to know where all of our frozen food was. I explained the situation and advised her that even if she had power now, it might not be good to stock up on groceries because people were still losing power. She looked at me with disgust and said, 'I'm rich. Power outages only affect poor people.'"

"I'm rich."
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11."One of my roommates during my freshman year of college complained that her dad bought her a brand new Subaru (with all the bells and whistles) instead of the brand new BMW she wanted because she totaled the brand new BMW he’d bought her less than a year prior. She *actually* said, 'Ugh. I GET it, but it’s SO unfair.'"


12."My buddy dated a girl who came from a rich family who bought her a car for school. She was a terrible driver and wrecked it. Her rich grandma offered to replace it for her, so she recited her specifications for a new SUV to grandma. When her grandma had the audacity to suggest a smaller car, she freaked out and said, 'I don't know why grandma is being so stingy. Most of her money is going to me when she dies anyway.' She got the SUV."

"It's used? Ew."

13."In high school, I borrowed a girl’s sweater and told her I’d wash it before giving it back. She told me not to wash it because I probably had a 'shitty washing machine' and she didn’t want her sweater washed in it."


14."A few years ago, I worked at a company where my boss was the CEO's son. This was his first job ever, and [he] had no experience in the industry. There was a period of a week or two where I had been working very long hours. I jokingly made a comment to him along the lines of 'You're lucky I have a lot of clothes because I haven't had time to do laundry all week.' He stared at me in silence with this confused look on his face until he finally said, 'You do your own laundry?'"

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15."A friend's dad once casually said, 'They say you need six million in the bank to retire, but I think you can get by with a little less.' My partner and I were stunned and silent as we thought, 'Oh cool, so I guess we'll definitely never be able to retire.' 🙃"


16."In High School about 20 years ago, a kid in my class lost his wallet. Somebody asked him how much he had in it, and he said, 'Eh, only like $50.' That may not seem like a lot to some people, but it was a lot to me, especially back then."

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17."I used to work in an elementary school in a pretty affluent area. Most of the kids got Uber Eats or DoorDash for lunch daily, had nannies, newer smartphones than I did, and super rich families. One day I was late because I had a flat tire. One of the kids asked me why I didn't just drive 'the other car' and leave the flat tire one at home. I had to explain that there was no other car."


18.And finally, "'This $10,000 designer purse that I’m buying for my 16-year-old daughter is an investment because she’ll carry it for at least a few years.'”