This £19 electrical brush makes cleaning your home a doddle

This cleaning brush could make cleaning a whole lot easier. [Photo: Getty]

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Though the rise of clean-fluencers (aka influencers who love cleaning - think Mrs Hinch) has been well documented over the past months, for many of us it is still a chore.

Which is why we are constantly on the lookout for gadgets that can help us make the process more bearable - read: shorter and easier.

Our latest find is a goodie, the type that has us reaching for our credit cards without hesitation and then sitting back to plan out all the hobbies we’ll take up with the time we’re about to save.

Introducing: The SonicScrubber Household Electrical Cleaning Brush - a combi-pack of four-brush heads that will help you tackle difficult-to-reach and difficult-to-clean areas easily.

Buy it: SonicScrubber Household Electrical Cleaning Brush | £18.99 from Lakeland

They can be used throughout the house, from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the living room and claim to cut overall cleaning time by up to 57%!

So how does it work?

The brush comes with a range of heads, each designed for a different type of cleaning task, and once fitted onto the easy-to-grip holder, they oscillate at 10,000 times a minute.

This means they can tackle stubborn grime and dirt from everything and anything, including cookers to taps, pots and pans in the kitchen, or tile grout and all those fiddly, hard-to-reach corners.

In short, it’s like an electric toothbrush for your home.

“Best thing I have ever bought from Lakeland. Makes easy work of so many difficult things things to clean!” reads one five-star review on Lakeland.

Meanwhile, the SonicScrubber has also received over 530 reviews on Amazon with cleaning-converts lining up to express their love for the gadget.

One user wrote: “[It] gets tough marks off pretty much anything without doing damage to what is underneath.”

Another, equally as enthused customer, commented: “I absolutely love this, I saw it advertised on Instagram and thought I’d give it ago to help with all types of cleaning throughout the house ( as I suffer with carpal tunnel syndrome ) and it’s been a massive help, improved my cleaning a lot and halved the time.”

And, the cherry on top, is that the brushes are dishwasher safe, so once you’re done you can just chuck them in with your cutlery.

We know magic doesn’t exist, but this is probably the closest you’ll get to it!

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