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How to keep your car clean this spring: From organizers to cleaning gels — here's what you'll need

Revamp your car for the spring! Discover these top cleaning tips and must-have products.

Between commuting and errands, we spend a lot of time in our car — about 58 minutes a day according to Oxford's Future of Work Survey. After a long winter, it may be worth showing your car a little extra love. Plus, since spring has officially begun, there's no better time to tackle cleaning up your car.

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If you're someone who finds yourself in your car for long stretches of time, we've put together a list of our best tips and product recommendations to streamline your car's interiors.

Choose the right cleaners

Professional hands of woman cleaning steering wheel and console car using microfiber cloth protection in interior for shiny after wash a car and vacuum cleaner.
Microfiber cloths can help boost cleaning power in your car. (Getty Images)

One of the places that accumulates the most germs in the car is the steering wheel, gear shifter, and cup holder. According to a 2014 study, a car's steering wheel can be nearly four times dirtier than a public toilet seat, making it extra important to clean regularly.

When cleaning the seats and dashboards, you want to avoid harsh cleaners with ingredients like bleach, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. Some experts also suggest avoiding alcohol based wipes, as they can leave streaks and discolouration. Instead, opt for car safe cleaning wipes that easily remove ground-in dirt, dust and grime without damaging your car. These trusty Armour All-brand wipes are the perfect choice.

The wipes come in a pack of 50.

$13 at Amazon

Microfibre cloths can also help boost your cleaning power, as the UC Davis Medical Center found that cleaning with a microfiber cloth reduced bacteria by 99 per cent compared to cotton, which only reduced bacteria by 30 per cent. Shop microfiber cloths on Amazon for under $20.

They come in packs of 12, 24 and 50. 

$19 at Amazon

Tackle tough nooks and crannies

Close up of reusable metal coffee cup o coffee cup holder on the interior of car with gear stick and handbrake
Cleaning car cup holders doesn't have to be a chore. (Getty Images)

Arguably the most annoying thing to clean in any car are the dust-filled vents. Luckily, shoppers swear by this car cleaning gel on Amazon that takes all dirt and dust out of any nook and cranny.

This gel cleaner works on cars, keyboards and other tech.

$10 at Amazon

To prevent messes from accumulating in cup holders, try using q-tip small containers to keep all your loose change and hair elastics in one place. You can also find dedicated cup holder coasters that can easily be removed and wiped down between uses. This set of four car coasters on Amazon is $20, and reviewers described them as "superior" to others.

They promise to fit virtually all factory vehicle cup holders.

$20 at Amazon

Cut down on mess and clutter

Reserwa Car Backseat Organizer x2. (Photo via Amazon)
A car backseat organizer could help prevent clutter without having to remove your items. (Photo via Amazon)

If you have kids, you know that keeping cars organized isn't always the easiest task. Often, you'll need activities, toys and books on hand as entertainment during long drives. Using a hanging seat organizer is the perfect work around, and ones that rest on the back of the driver's and passenger's seats can double as a way to protect them from little footprints. Shop this $22 organizer on Amazon that reviewers described as "fantastic."

It has nine storage pockets. 

$21 at Amazon

If you're looking to minimize the garbage and debris that can pile up in your car, a portable garbage can can help keep waste all in one place to cut down on cleanup time. A seat gap filler can also save you time digging around while trying to grab any loose pen or change that has fallen between the cracks.

It prevents items from falling into the seat gap.

$20 at Amazon

The leakproof car trash bag attaches to the center console.

$22 at Amazon

Finally, when it comes to tackling loose items in the glove compartment, look to a document organizer to ensure that you have all the relevant papers you need in one convenient location. One Amazon reviewer says this $23 glove box organizer is "one of my best buys on Amazon," adding "this book holds everything!"

Inside pockets can store repair receipts, registration and insurance information.

$23 at Amazon

So what are you waiting for? Start cleaning those vents, set up a place for your trash and get better at car cleaning and storage.

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