Hunter McGrady looks 'truly beautiful' in selfie showing off stretch marks: 'Gorgeous'

Hunter McGrady is embracing her unedited, makeup-free beauty. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)
Hunter McGrady is embracing her unedited, makeup-free beauty. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Hunter McGrady is showing full-on self-love.

On Friday, the 29-year-old posted an unedited, makeup-free mirror selfie on Instagram, where she stuns wearing a matching coral pink set from Fabletics. The model wore a scoop neck bralette ($45 CAD) and a mid-rise classic brief ($20 CAD), and threw her blonde locks into a casual bun.

"In my self-love era, hbu?" the Los Angeles-native model captioned her post, which also shows off her stretch marks.

On the post, fans made note of McGrady's natural beauty, sharing comments that gushed over her looks and emphasis on normalizing curvy body shapes.

“Never stop this era,” one person commented, while also adding a flame emoji.

“Absolutely beautiful and you shine amazingly,” someone else shared.

“Now this is what I call a beauty,” added a fan.

“Gorgeous and inspiring as always,” another replied.

“Such a natural beauty,” someone raved.

“Really, so many thanks for making curves and bumps feel normal! You look beautiful,” another person chimed in.

One fan penned a longer comment, thanking McGrady for championing other body shapes and sharing their own experience growing up in a world that only valued slimmer figures.

“Back when I was a young girl, to be ‘magazine skinny’ was the way to be. If you weren’t, your self-esteem took a dive, and eating disorders were born,” they wrote. “Thanks to women like you and to influencers like Pamela Kieck who show that it’s OK to not be ‘magazine skinny’ or photoshopped. To be the real deal. To be the way God made you to be. You can be heavy and healthy. Curvy and confident. What a great way to help the young women of this time. I am loving my curves, my wrinkles and my grey hair!!!”

In May, McGrady told Yahoo Canada that posing for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit postpartum felt “so empowering,” adding that she hoped the issue would help new mothers feel seen, valued and heard.

“I felt like I came into myself a little bit and I was just so excited to do it,” McGrady explained. "Not only for me, but for moms out there who may be a first time mom or may be postpartum, or maybe they had a kid 30 years ago. [I want them to see that] they can get out there too and feel good in their body and know that they really did something so wonderful.”

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