Husband secretly renovates sunroom to surprise wife after giving birth: ‘I want to be loved like this’

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A husband only had 72 hours to complete a surprise for his wife — and it went off without a hitch. 

Dr. Shahryar Tork is a plastic surgeon and artist who met his wife in seventh-grade choir class, and has been with her ever since. After she gave birth to their third son in 2020, he wanted to give his wife an epic surprise: The devoted husband decided to renovate a room in their home while she was away. 

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“I wanted to do something extra special for my wife for Mother’s Day. She gave birth to our third boy just seven weeks ago,” Dr. Tork said. He added that he had “just 72 hours to get it done in time.” 

Fortunately, Dr. Tork was up for the task, painting the entire ceiling and changing the light fixtures. His biggest hurdle was painting the walls, which were made of exposed brick with huge windows in need of protection. After a lot of tedious work, he finally got to surprise his wife.

“She hates being on camera but I had to get her reaction,” he said

She entered the room with the newborn in tow and looked stunned. The couple hugged and kissed, celebrating a job well done. 

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“That is an awesome and thoughtful gift,” a user wrote

“I want to be loved like this,” another commented

“Crying. This is so thoughtful,” a person said

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