Husky discovers barks trigger sound-activated lights: ‘This is a dog scientist’

A husky discovered his owner’s sound-activated lights and had a field day with them.

A Reddit user shared a video of the moment in an animal Reddit forum, where it racked up over 42,000 upvotes.

Pack dogs that communicate with each other and their handlers, huskies are a loud, vocal breed. They make a range of noises, from howling and barking to chirping and whining, due to their genes.

This husky’s genes definitely kicked in when he realized his barks could control the sound-activated string lights on the wall. Music typically activates the lights.

But this canine learned he could make them flash with his barks. He became so fascinated at one point the husky appeared to fake bark to trick the lights before letting out a loud bark.

“This is a dog conducting a science experiment if you think about it high enough. This is dog scientist,” a user said.

“He even tries soft and hard barks to test its sensitivity. Genius,” another wrote.

“So adorable when they try to fake the lights out,” someone commented.

“My dog would love these,” a person added.

“I had The Clapper for several years. Then I got a dog that barked at everything. Made life even more exciting,” a Redditor replied.

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