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I went on 6 flights in 10 days — these $21 slippers kept me comfy and supported

They have a rubber sole that can stand up to treks through the airport, but they won't take up much room in your suitcase.

Real talk: I hate flying. Nothing scares me more than hitting turbulence at 30,000 feet. I know, I know — turbulence is, statistically, perfectly safe. But try telling my flight phobia that! One complicating factor is that I also adore international travel ... which, of course, requires me to fly. So, my strategy is to make those flights as comfortable and stress-free as possible, which helps cut down on my anxiety.

This approach was truly put to the test in February, when I took six flights in 10 days — two overseas eight-plus-hour flights, two short connecting flights and two short in-country flights. To prepare, I picked up some travel items recommended by my Yahoo Life compatriots — including Scurtain slippers, which were touted as ideal for airplane wear. After putting them to the test, I can vouch that these are an amazing option for anyone wanting to up their comfort level on an increasingly stuffy, uncomfortable multi-hour flight.

These slip-ons are a godsend when you're in flight, but they're comfy enough to transport you no matter where you wear 'em.  

$21 at Amazon

Heading to Norway to tackle some bucket-list adventures (northern lights! dog sledding! Troll Museum!) in late February meant I needed to fit lots of cold-weather necessities into limited luggage space. So, I opted to travel with just one pair of shoes — my heavy-duty winter boots. Facing the prospect of an eight-plus-hour flight in clunky boots, however, was less than appealing — as was the alternative of walking to and from the bathroom in my socks. This Yahoo Life article recommended Scurtain slippers as a comfortable travel solution. Supportive and packable with a protective rubber sole, they seemed like the Goldilocks of travel slippers. They sure beat packing another pair of shoes to wear exclusively on planes, and they could easily be flattened and slipped into my carry-on, unlike heavier slip-on sneakers.

These slippers proved to be a travel-day game changer. Shedding the heaviness and bulk of the boots for these lightweight, packable slippers was a relief. Their flexible design and lack of hard sides accommodated foot swelling during the flight. Most special about these slippers, however, are their relatively hard rubber bottoms. The sturdy soles provided enough support and protection for strolling around the cabin and airport without feeling like I was walking barefoot on dirty floors.

Even through the Copenhagen airport and onto our connecting flight to Oslo, I confidently wore these slippers. Sure, I might have looked a bit unconventional, but the comfort and support they offered were well worth it!

slippers in 3 designs: leopard, all black, and pink
That warm, comfortable, comforting hoodie you love? These are that — but for your feet. (Amazon)

I wore Scurtain slippers on every flight thereafter, including our short trips to and from Tromsø to experience the Arctic Circle in winter. They performed flawlessly, doubling as comfortable house shoes during our stays in hotels and apartments. So, I decided to put them to an even greater test on our journey home: a four-hour layover in Copenhagen Airport. Would they hold up? I sure hoped so. Opting to leave my heavy winter boots in my checked luggage, I relied solely on these slippers for the 16-hour travel leg. This way, I didn’t have to bring the boots in my carry-on, and I was able to use that large amount of space for other super-important essentials, like a stock of Scandinavian snacks.

And, dear reader, the Scurtain slippers held up perfectly! I felt no shame in wearing them around the airport, though I did opt for the black-on-black option, which probably looked a little less slipper-y compared with other styles. Their supportive soles comfortably took me through security and customs at Københavns Lufthavn (Copenhagen Airport). Boarding our longest flight yet — over nine hours — they were just as comfortable and supportive en route home as they had been on our way out.

woman wearing gray striped slippers with black heels, two views (from behind and from above)
These slippers come in over 30 colors and patterns, including this sweet stripes-and-solid combo. (Amazon)

I mentioned that I wore Scurtain slippers in regular settings as well during the trip, and since then, I've also worn them around my house. They're still my go-tos if I'm looking for something with a sole, versus soft-bottom slippers, which are more conducive to sitting on the couch. The only issue I've encountered is a slight squeak from the soles, especially on hard flooring like wood or vinyl. It's not a deal-breaker, but it does make me feel a bit like a clown at times.

I don’t recommend wearing them outside for extended periods, unless it's just a quick trip to grab the mail or head into the garage. I learned this the slightly damp way when I had to wear them to the car after landing at JFK. They held up fine indoors, but once I stepped onto the slightly wet tarmac, well, the slippers became slightly wet too — which is to be expected. After all, they're slippers, not actual shoes!

All in all, though, these were an absolute lifesaver on my two weeks of overseas travel, and I'm so glad I picked them up and didn't have to spend those flights in heavy boots or my stocking feet. I'm definitely a big fan of Scurtains ... and I'm not the only one! Over 9,000 Amazon shoppers have given them a five-star rating.

"Perfect for travel," wrote one like-minded shopper. "Purchased for a trip to Europe for the plane. They worked great for that! They are not meant to be supportive, they are meant for comfort. They have a nice tread bottom for walking in the cabin of the airplane."

"They fit my feet securely," wrote a relieved reviewer. "I'm 74 and afraid of walking in flip-flops because I have fallen. These slippers make me feel secure when walking around the house. I will buy again."

Another wearer called them a "great slipper for travel," adding, "These slippers are well-made and pack easily for travel. They are great on wood and laminate floors and when in hotels with questionable carpeting. They slip on easily and stay on with a nice non-skid bottom that could be worn outside."

"I really like these slippers, except for the insole sliding around when I move," explained another five-star customer. "So I took some fabric glue and glued the insole to the bottoms of the slipper and problem solved!" Easy peasy!

These come in all kinds of fun patterns — grab one pair for travel and another for around the house.

$21 at Amazon

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