Ice cream-loving dog is shelter’s longest resident. ‘She deserves a lifetime of love’

An ice cream-loving dog has spent more than 100 days at a South Carolina shelter — and still needs a home.

“As much as we’ve loved learning all about her and loving her more and more every day, she deserves the world,” the Greenville Humane Society wrote April 15 on Facebook. “She deserves a lifetime of love and security, with a family that will be patient and give her the chance to bloom.”

Rosie became the shelter’s longest resident after she first arrived in December. She’s shy at first but is “friendly” once she grows close to someone, according to an online adoption profile.

“At 3 years old, we’re not sure what she’d been through before coming to us,” the shelter wrote. “With time and trust, she has absolutely bloomed into the most perfect dog.”

Rosie — a mixed-breed pup — is described as a fan of ice cream, hot dogs and ice cubes. She also loves sunbathing, going on outdoor adventures, and playing with other pups.

“She enjoys going slow and taking it easy,” the humane society wrote. “She’s one of the most low-maintenance dogs we’ve had the pleasure of caring for.”

Months after her arrival, the shelter hopes someone will take the chance to get to know Rosie. It wants her new home to have another dog to “show her what it’s like to feel safe, comfortable, secure.”

As of April 18, the website showed Rosie was still “patiently waiting” for a new owner or a foster home. More details about the animal organization’s adoption process can be found at

The Greenville Humane Society didn’t immediately share additional information with McClatchy News on April 18.

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