IKEA Released a New Heat-Activated Color-Changing Oven Mitt, and It's the Cutest

This totally 90's oven mitt is just what you need for the start of baking season.

From coffee table hacks to Halloween finds, IKEA is always a treasure trove just waiting to be explored. And recently, the Swedish furniture store released a new product worth consideration—a color-changing oven mitt.

In a now-viral TikTok video, user Evie (@drinksbyevie) introduces viewers to her IKEA find—the TABBERAS Oven Mitt, which retails for $7.99. “I’m not embarrassed at how excited I am over this thermochromic oven mitt,” she wrote in the caption.

Evie shows off her new mitt, noting the purple and blue stripes. But when she touches a pot on her stove, it changes to a bright yellow as it reacts with the heat. When it cools off, it goes back to its original hue.

“This is very early 2000's, 90's kids coded. I need 10,” says one user, referencing Hyper Color shirts that were popular then. “I am absolutely obsessed with this omg,” said another.

This new product comes out just in time for baking season, so you can whip up your favorite cookie recipes in style. If you want to take the whole color-changing kitchen accessory theme to the next level, there are other products you can buy to go along with the IKEA oven mitt, like this tumbler mug that shifts colors based on the intensity of the sun's UV rays ($30; urbanoutfitters.com) or these color-changing reusable straws that change shades in a cold beverage ($7, amazon.com).

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