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I'm a reformed insomniac, and these Oprah-approved sheets transformed my nights — save 35% with our exclusive code

'Is this what rich people sleep like?' I may not live in a $100 million mansion, but now I sleep like I do.

Diptych: On one side, a woman with brown hair lays in a bed with sky blue Cozy Earth bedding. On the other, Oprah on a purple background, wearing glasses with her hair down.
These luxe sheets will have you sleeping like a billionaire, no media-empire ownership required.

For a long time, I figured sleeping through the night was either a talent you had or you didn't — and that talent has never been one of mine. If my brain isn't compiling to-do lists, my body is too hot, too cold, too itchy or too angsty. The princess and the pea? She’s got nothin' on me.

Then, during one of my 2 a.m. insomnia-induced list-making sessions, I did some research. Oprah had recently declared her love for Cozy Earth sheets, and it seemed like she wasn't alone. While I often reserve pricey celebrity favorites for the "must be nice if you live in a mansion in Mendicino" category, desperate situations call for desperate measures. Enter the impulse buy! Soon, one of Oprah's Favorite Things was mine, all mine, and — spoiler alert — this knee-jerk purchase worked in my favor.

I may never be as wealthy or successful (or as driven and motivated) as Oprah Winfrey, but I can at least sleep like I am. Cozy Earth makes her favorite bedsheets. It may or may not surprise you to learn that they are some of the softest, most luxurious sheets I've ever slept on.

  • Temperature regulating
  • Large pocket so they fit all size mattresses
  • Hold their color after numerous washings
  • Wrinkles easily
  • Pricy
$254 at Cozy Earth

From my first night, my sleep was transformed. My husband, who can easily fall asleep on a rock-covered patch of earth (no joke — he’s done it with nothing more than a sleeping bag) woke up astounded, asking, "Is this what rich people sleep like?" We realized that we'd been living with a type of Stockholm Syndrome that is reserved for terrible bedding. The upgrade was intoxicating.

I've slept on a lot of sheets in my lifetime. The Oprah-approved Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are the softest I've ever tried. They're so soft and luxurious that I feel like I'm floating on them. They're silky without being slippery, so you feel enveloped in softness that is (excuse the hyperbole) absolutely heavenly. It's a level of luxury that made my melatonin-production pathways say, "Thank you."

Cozy Earth's sheets are made from a high-quality bamboo viscose that seems to get softer with every wash. And wash them I have — every weekend, for nine months. Despite all that, they haven't pilled or faded.

I tend to go to sleep cold, and then I wake up sweating at — you guessed it — 2 a.m. Cozy Earth's sheets feel warm and cozy when I crawl into bed at 10 p.m. but don't keep me overly insulated throughout the night. They seem to keep my body temperature more consistent, which allows me to stay in REM sleep for longer.

Blue Cozy Earth bedsheets on a fully made bed with a taupe headboard.
These sheets don't pill or fade, and they come in 14 relaxing, muted hues.

We've all been there: A few hours after making your bed, your fitted sheet suddenly stops, well, fitting and starts to slide. Then you spend the rest of the week fixing it every morning. That happens because your sheets weren't made to fully accommodate the depth of your mattress. Now that so many of us favor thicker mattresses (or put toppers on our regular mattresses), we need sheets with deeper pockets — or extra gizmos to keep 'em in place. These Cozy Earth sheets deliver, easily accommodating my extra-deep Tempur-Pedic mattress. They don't slide off until I intentionally pull them off on laundry day.

I'm going to acknowledge the elephant in the room: Yes, these sheets are pricey. And, since getting them months ago, I have tried other sheets that compare in many ways, but not one set manages to check off every box the way Cozy Earth sheets do. If they are temperature-regulating and soft, they are shallow and pop off my mattress nightly. If they are deep-pocketed and soft, they're thin and flimsy, and I wake up sweating at 2 a.m., cursing myself for thinking I could find a worthy replacement.

We hear it all the time: You get what you pay for. In this case, I don't mind saving elsewhere to sleep like a billionaire media mogul in Mendocino. I may not go to sleep in a $100 million mansion but, with these sheets, I can sleep well enough to make it happen in my dreams.

They're as soft as they look. 

$292 at Cozy Earth