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I'm a Sam's Club shopper, and now's a great time to sign up for an annual membership — just $14 (that's 70% off)

Hurry: This amazing Sam's Club offer ends on April 30. After that, you're back to paying full price. Plus, the best everyday staples to shop now.

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Once you become a Sam's Club member, the savings keep rolling in. (Sam's Club)

I've been a Sam's Club shopper practically since birth. My parents have had a membership for decades, and I piggybacked on the savings until I graduated college. At that point, they told me I was on my own. I've managed to continue to take advantage of their membership over the years by asking them to snag some toilet paper or low-priced sweatshirts for my family, but I've never broken down and signed up myself. Well, Sam's Club just dropped a massive deal that's telling me it's finally time — through April 30, the retailer is offering its annual membership for just $14 (that's over 70% off!) and the lowest price I've ever seen.

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On the fence about whether this is the deal for you? Here are some reasons to consider investing in the Sam's Club promotion. Trust me, you won't regret it.

This deeply discounted deal is for the Club membership, which typically costs $50 for the year. Even if you only shop at Sam's Club once per month, the perks of the membership are worth way more than $14. For about the cost of dinner, you can earn huge savings for 365 days!

If you're not familiar with Sam's Club, you're missing out. The warehouse is the place to score huge savings on everything from household essentials (paper towels, coffee, dog food, cereal) to outdoor goods at rock-bottom prices. You'll also find exclusive discounts on big-ticket items including patio furniture, appliances and electronics. This spring deal is a chance to join while the membership is slashed by $36.

If there's one club you definitely want to be a part of, it's Sam's Club. For a mere $14, you'll get access to everything the retailer offers, plus a slew of additional perks. April 30 is the last day you can take advantage of this deal so don't wait! 

$14 at Sam's Club

This is the #1 reason I love membership-only warehouse stores and, specifically, Sam's Club — they make shopping for all those household essentials easy and cheap. You'll find massive packs of toilet paper at seriously discounted prices, huge sets of paper towels and those big boxes of kitchen trash bags that'll last for months from Member's Mark, the retailer's exclusive in-house brand. I always make sure my trunk is empty before a Sam's Club trip — I know I'll need as much room as possible to bring home my purchases. Here are some of my favorites that I highly suggest checking out.

Sam's Club isn't screwing around with its Member's Mark brand toilet paper. Not only is it as soft and comfortable to use as big brands, but you'll get 45 rolls (not a typo) for $23. That's just over 50 cents a roll!

$23 at Sam's Club

Savings on these paper towels, which feature Select & Tear sheets, are so good that Sam's Club limits you to 20 packs per membership at a time. You'll get 15 strong and absorbent rolls for just $20 — just over $1 each. 

$20 at Sam's Club

Snap up one of these boxes and stash them under your sink so you have 13-gallon bags at the ready whenever you need them. 

$18 at Sam's Club

Sure, most trips to Sam's Club will probably involve grabbing toilet paper packs and food items, like oversized boxes of Cheez-Its. But when you want to invest in larger items for spring, Sam's Club has got you covered, too. You can shop outdoor goods like grills and chairs, along with spring cleaning items at low prices. I'm personally obsessed with their beach towels.

How about upgrading your gas grill this season? Sam's Club has its own Member's Mark four-burner option for under $500. This grill allows you to preset temperatures like an oven and even comes with its own cover — a rarity with grills.

$499 at Sam's Club

Show up to the next neighborhood picnic looking like a total boss with this portable rocking chair. It folds up flat and offers enough room for two. Drink holders on the sides ensure you'll never be too far from your favorite beverage. I already have one in my shopping cart! 

$120 at Sam's Club

It's not quite swimming weather yet, but it's coming up fast. I live for these Member's Mark beach towels — they're impressively thick, fluffy, large (40" x 72") and durable. At $10 a towel, you really can't beat the price. You can also choose from nearly a dozen fun colors and patterns. 

$20 at Sam's Club

Beyond the shiny $14 discount on membership and everyday low price tags on products, there are other perks to being a member. Here's a quick checklist of what you can expect:

✔️ Same-day delivery.

✔️ Discounts on fuel — use the Sam's Club Finder to find club locations and gas pricing near you.

✔️ Bonus offers on dining and shopping.

✔️ Instant Savings, which are markdowns on already low prices.

✔️ Up to 5% Sam's Cash back with Sam’s Club Mastercard.

✔️ Free basic car care, including flat-tire repair, battery testing and wiper-blade installation.

✔️ Free membership for one person in your household.

✔️ Discounts on additional memberships.

You'll also get access to Sam's Club Services, which will help you scratch plenty of to-dos off your list. We're talking optical and pharmacy services, auto care, gas station, photo processing, home improvement help and travel and entertainment services. That's not all: You can shop fast at the store with Scan & Go checkout and even get discounted prescription medications.

Want more? Upgrade to the Plus membership, which is marked down right now to $50 (that's $60 off the usual price). You'll get all the perks mentioned above for Club members, plus benefits like free shipping on most items online and in the Sam’s Club app. You'll also score Sam's Cash for Plus, which gives you 2% Sam's Cash on in-club purchases. There's a curbside pickup option, too —order online, roll up in your car, have a team member load the goodies for you and then go about your life. Could it be any easier? A Plus membership also lets you shop early on big savings events and score 20% off of glasses.

Remember: This special deal on both the Club and Plus memberships ends on April 30 so don't wait. After that, you're back to paying full price.

You'll look and feel like a boss with this premium membership.

$50 at Sam's Club