22 Horrifying, Shocking, And Terrible Things I Learned About This Month That I Wish I Could Unlearn

22 Horrifying, Shocking, And Terrible Things I Learned About This Month That I Wish I Could Unlearn

Warning: Graphic content ahead including mentions of death and cannibalism.

1.In March, a 30-year-old British actor, Emily Chesterton, died after symptoms of a blood clot in her leg were dismissed and chalked up to "long COVID and anxiety."

Woman speaks into a microphone on a TV show with a caption about a misdiagnosis story

2.Last summer, a man in Oregon, Michael Meyden, was accused of drugging three 12-year-old girls who were staying over at his house for a sleepover with Meyden's daughter.

News broadcast screen with a text message plea for help from a child to their mother

3.An 81-year-old woman in Brazil discovered she had a 56-year-old calcified fetus in her body that had been causing her stomach pain.

Ultrasound image showing a fetus at 12 weeks gestation

See video footage of the x-ray here:

4.In October 2023, a doctor died at Disney World from a severe food allergy after dining at one of the theme park's restaurants, despite making her dairy and nut allergies known to the staff.

Aerial view of Disney World with a news banner about a NY doctor's death after eating there

5.In 2019, a 71-year-old man in Sydney, Australia died after being trapped in a service stairwell of a large shopping center for three weeks.

Surveillance footage of a blurry figure passing by a store after hours

6.In 2006, a woman died at Yellowstone National Park after accidentally falling into a 178-degree, 10-foot-deep hot spring. The woman, Sara Hulphers, had been walking at nighttime with friends (who also feel into the hot spring, and ended up in critical condition) after they'd been out swimming.

A geothermal hot spring with orange bacterial mats under a cloudy sky

7.These images of SEA LICE inside of an infected crab:

Person in gloves holding a cracked open crab over a bin
Person in gloves holding a cracked open crab over a bin
Gloved hands hold a crab with barnacles on its shell
Gloved hands hold a crab with barnacles on its shell

Friendliest Catch / Via tiktok.com

Watch the actual video here (if you've got a strong stomach):

8.Back in 2017, a ride at the Ohio State Fair collapsed killing one person and injuring seven others. The ride, called "The Fire Ball," consisted of six rows of seats that spun around 40 feet up in the air as the entire thing moved like a pendulum. According to witnesses, when the ride collapsed, people "flew through the air at least 20 feet before landing on their backs on the concrete."

A carnival ride accident in progress with bystander Kamryn Shaw's name overlaid

9.The story of Bertha Boronda, a woman who cut off her husband's penis with his own straight razor in 1907.

Vintage straight razor with ivory-colored handle on a plain background

10.The Heaven's Gate cult website is still up and running to this day:

The image is a screenshot of the Heaven's Gate cult website with various text and their logo

11.In 1876, a disturbing and inexplicable event happened that is now referred to as the "Great Kentucky Meat Shower," which was exactly what it sounds like. On March 3, 1876, "large hunks of flesh fell from the sky over Olympia Springs in Bath County, Kentucky."

Sunset over a peaceful pasture with scattered cows grazing

12.In March, a man visiting Las Vegas was reportedly stung on his "private parts" by a scorpion...IN HIS HOTEL ROOM at the Venetian.

News anchor Leanne Suter reports beside a screen displaying an origami grasshopper

13.Earlier this year, "multiple" Kansas City Chiefs fans had to have AMPUTATIONS due to frostbite after attending one of the coldest NFL games ever.

A person's hand with injured fingers resting on their lap, with someone else standing nearby

14.It was recently reported that almost 10 times as many people have been affected by "9/11 certified cancer," than died in the attacks on that day.

Firefighters stand before collapsed building remains, with a firetruck and ladder visible

15.In March, nine people, almost all children, died, (and 78 others hospitalized) after eating sea turtle meat in Zanzibar.

Sea turtle swimming underwater, looking at the camera

16.The size of this fish, which is apparently a sturgeon, that will probably give you a taste of megalophobia:

A beluga whale swimming near a beach with mountains in the background
A beluga whale swimming near a beach with mountains in the background
Whale swimming in water with mountainous backdrop
Whale swimming in water with mountainous backdrop

Complete-Ice-8651 / Via reddit.com

Watch the full video here:

Complete-Ice-8651 / Via reddit.com

17.Recently, a man in Wasco, California was accused of stealing a human leg from a train crash site and then eating it.

A person appears to defy gravity, leaning at a steep angle on a sidewalk next to a fence

18.Just a few weeks ago, someone allegedly spread ashes on the Rise of the Resistance ride at Disneyland. In a photo (which has since been deleted) on Reddit, but can be seen on X, you can see large sweeps of grey dust (presumably the ash of the human remains) all across the ride with track marks from the ride's vehicles having gone through it.

"Visitors experience a space-themed attraction with futuristic control panels and a droid."

Disney has not (and probably never will) released a statement about the incident.

Medianews Group / MediaNews Group via Getty Images

19.In 2022, a 15-year-old girl, Savannah Graziano, was abducted by her father and then subsequently shot and killed by law enforcement as she was (following instructions) walking towards them on the highway near Hesperia in California.

News chopper view of a high-speed chase with multiple police cars pursuing a vehicle on a highway

20.A building, Poe Hall, on North Carolina State University's campus was recently linked to over 150 cancer cases.

Sign reading "Poe Hall" at NC State University with a news banner about cancer cases possibly linked to a campus building

21.Last week, a 20-year-old man, Levion Parker, reportedly jumped off of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, in front of his family, while drunk.

A cruise ship appears to be almost the same size as a distant bridge above it

22.Finally, in February, a man in Texas was accused of "putting antiques up his kilt-covered butt," and then putting them back on the shelves.

Person in tank top and skirt shopping in a store, CCTV footage at 5x speed, with news channel watermark