What are immunity cubes? Inside TikTok’s latest wellness trend

What are immunity cubes? Inside TikTok’s latest wellness trend

With the brunt of winter upon us, TikTok’s wellness moguls are coming up with homemade remedies to help promote a healthy immune system, and the latest invention is immunity cubes.

During the peak of the holiday season, social media users took to their accounts to share the unique recipes that helped them manage their energy levels with constant travel and late nights. In 2022, one went viral and is now resurfacing as temperatures drop.

Lifestyle influencer Nicole K Modic introduced viewers to her creation – immunity cubes. “If you want to keep your immune system strong this holiday season, you need to make these winter immunity cubes in a blender,” she proclaimed.

The ingredients included lemon, carrots, black pepper, raw ginger, manuka honey, orange slices, water, and an optional addition of coconut milk. Modic proceeded to throw all the material into a blender. Once it was smooth and thin, she poured the mixture into an ice cube tray.

“Blend until smooth. You can totally strain it if you want, but I don’t bother with that extra step,” she noted.

When the liquid was completely frozen, Modic placed a few cubes in a glass and poured hot water over them.

Since her initial post, internet users have attempted to make their own immunity cubes, adding their own ingredients to the mixture as well. About a month ago, TikToker Moribyan posted a video of herself making the cubes.

“Immunity cubes! I also love buying mini bottles and turning them into immunity shots. Five-minute recipe,” her caption read.

Rather than adding the whole lemon and orange to the blender, Moribyan only used the juices, squeezing each fruit over a spoonful of honey. Finally, she added the finished cubes to a hot cup of tea.

According to the National Institute of Health, citrus fruit and carrots have a substantial amount of vitamin C, which helps to support the functioning of immune cells.

“Citrus fruit juices are a particularly good source of vitamin C and folate, which both have roles in sustaining the integrity of immunological barriers and in supporting the function of many types of immune cell including phagocytes, natural killer cells, T-cells and B-cells,” the institute states.

As for black pepper, WebMD explains how the spice boosts white blood cells. In turn, white blood cells help to fight off bacteria and viruses that can lead to certain illnesses.

“Health benefits of eating a spoonful of honey everyday include diabetes management, cancer management, better heart health, and other benefits,” Medicine Net proclaimed.

Meanwhile, ginger has “anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties” that benefit and strengthen the immune system, per a Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials report.

Coconut milk supports the immune system because it has lauric acid, which reduces the risk of infection.