Ina Garten's Breakfast Hot Dog Doesn't Scream 'Morning Meal'

Ina Garten smiling
Ina Garten smiling - Amanda Edwards/Getty

As if hot dogs weren't already enough of a controversial subject in the culinary world, we have another question regarding the ballpark fave: Is it okay to eat a hot dog for breakfast? And if so, would that make it a breakfast sandwich? For Ina Garten, the answer to the first question is, apparently, yes, though her take on an a.m. frankfurter hardly screams, "morning meal."

It hardly screams "hot dog," either, as the Food Network star's recipe calls for chicken sausages rather than a wiener. And as for toppings? Garten keeps it relatively classic, with a unique twist on the traditional mustard that combines mayonnaise, sour cream, whole-grain mustard, Dijon, and salt to create a condiment she calls "mustard mayonnaise."

As a fan of hot dogs who has even said she would eat one for her last meal, we don't think Garten was trying to insult glizzy lovers with her breakfast hot dogs. We don't necessarily think her recipe is bad, but is it really brekky? Not according to one reviewer on Food Network, who staunchly wrote that Garten's dish "has nothing to do with breakfast."

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Ways To Put 'Breakfast' In Breakfast Hot Dogs

A breakfast hot dog
A breakfast hot dog - @ch3fjames / Instagram

With dishes like cacio e pepe eggs, Ina Garten has shown she knows how to bring breakfast into the evening hours. But for some people, her morning hot dogs aren't worth getting out of bed. "I think this would be better suited for a quick and painless lunch or dinner, but I certainly wouldn't use this recipe for breakfast again," writes Business Insider's Carolina Gazal.

Still, that's not to say the concept of a breakfast hot dog isn't worth your time. Using Garten's recipe as a starting point, Gazal suggests swapping the hot dog bun for a waffle and topping the chicken sausage with a maple syrup-based sauce for a unique twist on chicken and waffles. You can also make breakfast hash-inspired dogs with hashbrown "buns," onions, peppers, and scrambled eggs. Those who prefer traditional breakfast sausage over chicken sausage may enjoy cradling the link in a biscuit bun and slathering it in sausage gravy.

Don't be afraid to use a regular hot dog for this brekky. Take it to the next level by wrapping it in a slice of bacon and placing it in a croissant or a French toast hot dog bun, a great choice if your buns are stale. Top with a fried egg, hashbrowns, cheese, and sauce for the ultimate breakfast of champions

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