Influencer Birds Papaya 'ready to paint the feeds pink' in ode to 'Barbie' movie

The body-confidence advocate is thanking the 'Barbie' movie for its revival of the trending colour.

Sarah Nicole Landry is in her pink-loving era.

On Sunday, the Canadian influencer — better known online as The Birds Papaya — took to Instagram with a vibrant carousel of photos celebrating the success of the "Barbie" movie.

The already successful film, released July 21, has been praised for its empowering themes that challenge traditional gender norms and celebrate womanhood — including its stereotypes.

Throughout 2023, ahead of the release date, fans and the fashion industry have embraced Barbie's trademark colour — pink.

In an ode to the colour, Landry shared a series of "pink pics."

The collection included snaps of the body-positivity advocate in front of novelty size pink cowboy boots at Boots and Hearts Music Festival, photos posing in a pink one-piece swimsuit, a utility-style jumpsuit, and tulle mini dress.

She also shared photos of pink settings, including Disney World at sunset, the jellyfish tank at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada and a bathroom counter.

"Saw this going around in stories and honestly, ready to paint the feeds pink," the mom-of-four explained.

She then pointed out the stigma that has always followed the colour pink.

"So many of us have been mocked and criticized for the love of this colour, or maybe some are finding joy in it for the first time," Landry penned.

"So in a moment, it's having its moment #ThanksBarbie," she concluded. "We celebrate you: pink."

In the comments, fans praised Landry for her effort to liberate the colour.

"Yes! Love. Free all things that have been labelled inferior for being 'feminine,'" one Instagram user applauded. "Let's take back pink, glitter, bows, makeup, flowers, baby animals or basically anything cute and adorable — all that... It's just as valid as anything macho-manly. I'm tired of the shame!"

"Yes! Love this! I have been obsessed with pink since I was a kid," another fan shared. "The masses are now coming around to the best colour ever."

Last month, Landry shared an Instagram Reel of herself at the Canadian pink carpet "Barbie" debut, where she interviewed fellow Canadians Simu Liu and Ryan Gosling, who both star as Kens in the film.

"Last night I got to interview Ryan Gosling and [Simu Liu] (a.k.a.The Kens) for their #Kenadian pink carpet," Landry captioned the clip. "I used a Ken doll as a microphone and asked them the hard hitting questions," she introduced.

"If you could design a Canadian Ken doll, what accessories does he come with?," Landry asked Liu, to which he quipped, "He comes with a Canadian tuxedo — that's obvious — and a box of Timbits in one hand and an Iced Cap in the other."

For her final query, the Guelph, Ont.-native asked the actors to choose between Tim Horton's iconic donuts, Honey Crueller and Boston Cream. While Gosling chose to "pass" on the question, Liu settled for "Boston Cream."

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