Influencer pens inspiring self-love message: Speak to yourself 'like someone you love'

The influencer encouraged her followers to speak to themselves "like someone you love."

Bree Lenehan is reminding her fans to speak to themselves "like someone you love."

On Monday, the body-positive influencer took to Instagram to share a carousel of side-by-side comparison photos, as well as a lengthy caption explaining the importance of positive self-talk.

"Think about the people you love most in the world. Picture their faces, how much they mean to you and why you love them," she penned to her more than 756,000 followers, before asking if it's because of their appearance. "I didn’t think so."

"Picture someone telling them: 'You’d be more loveable if you were thinner," she continued. "I mean, sorry, but I would never let someone speak to my loved ones that way. I would tell them to cut that person out of their lives because they’ll only bring them down."

She urged her followers to ask themselves: “'Am I okay with someone speaking to my loved ones that way?' If your answer is no, then why is it okay for you to speak to yourself like that? Start speaking to yourself like someone you love."

The social media star pointed out that while it's easier said than done, "What if we became our own biggest hype girl?"

"What if we filled our thoughts with positive, affirming, gentler thoughts?" Lenehan proposed. "What if we looked in the mirror or saw photos like the ones on the right where we aren’t posed and thought, 'Thank you body for doing everything for me.'"

"Words are energy," Lenehan concluded. "Every time you tell yourself you aren't good enough or get stuck comparing yourself to others, your body takes that on board. When you change the way you speak to yourself, you change your life."

In the comments, fans thanked the influencer for her perspective and commitment to challenging beauty standards.

"Love this so much! Such a good reminder that we are our own worst critics," an Instagram user commented.

Another wrote: "Yes, queen. We need to start treating ourselves with kindness."

"I love these posts. They add so much healthy realism to my day. Thank you," someone else added.

"You are the best! Thanks for keeping it real!" one person chimed in.

In August, Lenehan shared a post about posed versus candid photos and encouraged fans not to "compare" themselves to what they see on social media.

"Just a friendly reminder not to compare yourself to others. If you see someone at the beach online, you’re probably seeing their favourite photo out of hundreds (a.k.a. what the left photos represent)," she captioned the post. "But if you see them in real-time at the beach, you’d more likely see the right-side version."

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