Influencer Bree Lenehan slams photo editing apps in powerful Instagram post

Influencer Bree Lenehan shows the power of editing apps. (Photo via Instagram/breeelenehan)
Influencer Bree Lenehan shows the power of editing apps. (Photo via Instagram/breeelenehan)

Bree Lenehan is on a mission to eliminate "Instagram vs. reality."

On Thursday, the 25-year old influencer took to Instagram to post a body positive video showing her 657,000 followers how easy it is to be fooled by editing apps on social media.

The self-love advocate uses her platform to expose the slew of tricks online stars use to make their bodies look a certain way, which experts believe can trigger eating disorders and depression among young people.

In the video, Lenehan began with a photo of herself wearing a yellow floral underwear set. As the clip progressed, she demonstrated how editing apps can transform the way someone looks by removing her own stomach fat and body hair, making her waist smaller and enlarging the size of her breasts.

At the end of the video, she switched between the original photo and the edited image, showing how misleading social media can be, as well as how skilled body editing apps have become. The words, "None of it was real ... it was all an illusion ... be careful with what you consume," also appeared on screen.

"Just a mid-week reminder to please be careful with what you consume online (and in real life). It only took one minute to download this app and less than one minute to edit. Anyone with a phone has access to tweaking their photos within just a few clicks. Would you have been able to tell? It's unfair to compare yourself and your life with someone else's highlight reel. Your real is enough!" she captioned the post.

Fans immediately weighed in on the uplifting post, praising Lenehan for her honesty and vulnerability.

"Thank you for always showing up as your true self. These apps have gone too far in my opinion," commented a follower.

"Thank you for always keeping it real. All bodies are beautiful! Love your posts!" wrote another.

"Omg there is an app that can do that? How are people meant to accept their bodies when they can just tweak them all the time?" expressed one fan. "But I love your account because it's such a genuine and needed source of inspiration and education!"

"This is so important and keeps reminding me to love myself more!" said another.

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