Influencer claims the way you text reveals what generation you are

Influencer claims the way you text reveals what generation you are

Texting can be an indicator of how old you are, according to one creator on TikTok.

Tyler Morgan is known for his tech videos which show hidden features on iPhones and Androids. One of his recent videos showed the various different methods people use to text, which Morgan claimed is an indicator of age. “This is how you can tell someone’s age by how they type on their phone,” his clip began.

According to Morgan, one method is swiping across the letters instead of individually tapping them, which he said is most likely a millennial method and “possibly Gen Z”.

If you can type with only one hand, using only the thumb, and have it be both quick and accurate, the TikToker assumed this person was aged anywhere from a preteen to 25 years old.

If the exact same quickness and accuracy can be accomplished with two thumbs, Morgan guessed they would be of a similar age range as before, preteen to mid 20s, and in this case “mid 30s even”.

He then claimed that people tend to tap with their two thumbs until they reach their 50s which is when they’ll start texting with their index finger occasionally. Then, when people turn 65, Morgan explained that they will begin to hold their phones with their non-dominant hand and fully type using only their index finger.

After posting, Morgan’s video went on to receive more than two million views, with many people revealing what method they use in the comments section.

“Swipe to text is great because it’s not so rough on the thumbs and is helpful in the long run re carpal tunnel but usually I type with two thumbs (am 30) my hand is too small for one-handed typing lol,” one comment read.

“One index, and I’m 50!” another commenter chimed in.

Other commenters explained that there wasn’t one specific method that they stuck with, as they used a mix of them depending on how they were feeling that day.

“I do all of those and I’m in my early 30s. It just depends on what I’m doing, how I’m holding my phone, and if I care to respond quickly or not,” one commenter explained.

And some people mentioned they didn’t abide by the age rules at all and the way they typed was based on the size of their hands.

“I’m an older millennial but I’m also 4’11” so I type with one thumb because I’m holding the phone with the other hand. My hands are too small,” one person wrote in the comments.

Aside from texting, the consistent use of iPhones has led to what some people now call “iPhone finger.” In an episode of The TJ Show, which was reposted on TikTok, one person explained the concept of “iPhone finger” and what it looks like.

“The way we hold our phones sometimes with the weight of the phone resting on your pinky finger,” one of the hosts explained in the clip. “It creates an indentation that actually changes the way your pinky looks.”

To determine if someone has “iPhone finger,” a person should hold out both pinkies to see if one looks different from the other, specifically with a large indent on their dominant hand that would likely be from holding their iPhone.