Influencer shows difference between 'posed,' 'edited' and 'relaxed' photos

The body positive advocate gave her fans a self-love tip she learned while healing from her eating disorder.

Danae Mercer is sharing a self-love tip she learned from her therapist. (Photo via @danaemercer on Instagram)
Danae Mercer is sharing a self-love tip she learned from her therapist. (Photo via @danaemercer on Instagram)

Danae Mercer knows how to show herself some love.

The influencer took to Instagram on Tuesday with a carousel of side-by-side photos comparing different versions of selfies and how her appearance changes when taking pictures for social media.

In the first photo, Mercer posed on her knees for a mirror selfie while wearing a blue cropped long-sleeve top and matching leggings. She included a photo of herself posing with her belly sucked in, then an edited snap of the same selfie as well as a "relaxed" version of the picture in the same pose.

Mercer also added several screenshots of various self-love posts in her carousel, including one quote that read, "My daughter asked me what the numbers on her clothes mean. I told her they mean absolutely nothing."

In the caption to her post, Mercer opened up about a recommendation her therapist shared — which she still practices — when she was healing from her eating disorder.

"Whenever I put lotion on, I should say kind things to my body. It felt silly then. It still feels a bit silly now. But it helps. Because the words we say to ourselves, they form pathways, like little roads in our mind," Mercer penned. "Over time, those roads become stronger, more concrete, easier to go down. When it comes to self-love, we often have to create new routes, build new bridges. So we start small. We start with positive words."

She added that she's been "deliberately" doing this trick lately because her body has changed so much and she wants to be gentle with herself.

"I hold my tummy and say 'powerful' and 'strong' and 'home.' I touch my thighs and think 'capable' and 'supportive.' I focus on self-love. And today, maybe this little post will help remind you to focus on self-love, too," Mercer continued. "Even if it feels a bit silly, even if you're not sure it works. Because over time, words become habits, and you, darling soul, deserve self-kindness that feels natural. You deserve all the kind words in the world. Your body does, too."

The comments of Mercer's post was full of support and positivity, with many sharing their own stories of discovering self-love.

"I do this! I also practice speaking kindly to myself when taking a bath. Bit awkward but definitely helps," one person wrote.

"Functionality over aesthetic any day. Our bodies are tolls, not ornaments," someone penned.

"I needed this today, thank you!" someone else replied.

"This is a fantastic idea!! I am going to try this! I’m my harshest critic and I need to love me more!" added a fan.

"That is really inspiring, I for sure need to start doing this, too! We give ourselves such a hard time sometimes, but ultimately our bodies are amazing!!!" another shared.

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