Canadian influencer gets real about climate change and children: 'The overwhelm is real'

Kenzie Brenna is weighing her options.

On Tuesday, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share an emotional and candid message about having children — and her uncertainty.

In the video, the 32-year-old body image advocate looked to be wearing a black crew neck from fellow Canadian influencer Sarah Nicole Landry's latest collaboration with Brunette the Label.

On the screen, Brenna typed a paragraph to summarize how she feels about bringing new life into the world: "When you’re 32 and you finally start toying around with the idea of kids because all of your friends have them and something is pulling you to the idea," she wrote. "But then you remember about the economy, climate and the future and have no idea what to do. The overwhelm is real."

In the caption, the Toronto-based social media star began speaking about her parent's divorce, and how it initially hindered how she felt about love.

"My parents went through an awful, destructive and heartbreaking divorce a year later. I laid on my aunt's chest and told her I would never get married," she wrote. "When I was a teenager I changed my mind. Love was real, marriage is worth fighting for. I told my parents I wanted to be married and have kids by the time I was 25."

But as Brenna got older, her thoughts on having children wavered due to climate change.

"25 came around and left. At 28 I declared I would never have kids due to the economic and climate instability of the world. On top of that, having a history of severe anxiety, I could never figure out if I would pass that on. It scared the s— out of me," she revealed.

The influencer went on to explain that after falling in love, she toyed with the idea of having children again. However, her partner at the time was unable to give her the resources she required, such as stability and a community. At that point, Brenna didn't know if she would ever become a mother, but only now has the idea come back into the light.

Kenzie Brenna is known for her self-love and body confident content. (Photo via Instagram/kenziebrenna)
Kenzie Brenna is known for her self-love and body confident content. (Photo via Instagram/kenziebrenna)

"Three years later, I’m here and most of my friends have kids, long-term partners, houses, and so on. I don’t. I haven’t sworn off children and marriage again but I seriously do not know what the f— I want or when I want it," she penned. "I listen to stories of women who swore off children only to hit 38 and all of a sudden want it and now they have fertility problems. I listen to stories of women who do not want kids and go to bed every night happy, stress free and calm with their decision."

"I feel a hurricane inside of me. What do I choose?" she concluded.

In the comments, fans thanked Brenna for being transparent and vulnerable, and shared their thoughts on the situation.

"I feel this back and forth pull daily. And although I’m still in my early 20s, I fear that I will one day regret either choice I make. You are definitely not alone," someone told the influencer.

"I never wanted kids...until I did at 35. When you know you know. The only thing predictable in this whole life is change. May as well flowy flow flow until u know ya know? Or freeze eggs. Back ups don’t hurt!" suggested a fan.

"I say let it happen if you find the right person and it feels like the right choice. Otherwise don't put the pressure on yourself to make it happen, you'll find the right path," added another follower.

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