Influencer playboy, 'Pretty Mike', gets six women pregnant at the same time

An influencer has gone viral around the world after showing up to a celebrity wedding with six pregnant women - all said to be expecting a child with him.

Nigerian entrepreneur Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu - also known as ‘Pretty Mike’ - shared a photo with his six ‘baby mothers’ on Instagram, along with a clip of the group arriving at the wedding, where he can be seen stroking or kissing the pregnant bellies.

pretty mike with six pregnant women
'Pretty Mike' claims to have gotten these six women pregnant. Photo: Instagram/prettymikeoflagos

“PM and his six Baby Mothers to be,” the image, shared with his 300,000 followers, was captioned.

“No film trick, we are just living our best life.”

On his social media, Pretty Mike also refers to himself as a philanthropist, youth ambassador, and activist, as well as an entertainer, marketing executive, and nightlife aficionado.

pretty mike pregnant women
He shared a video on social media. Photo: Instagram/prettymikeoflagos

The post received mixed reactions from his followers on social media, with many accusing him of trying to steal the spotlight from the bride and groom, while others wondered whether it was actually fake.

“What’s going on here?” one person asked.

“Why are you like this?” was another exasperated response.

While a third asked: “Did you impregnate all of them same week?”

pretty mike of lagos
Pretty Mike is known for flaunting his playboy lifestyle. Photo: Instagram/prettymikeoflagos

Pretty Mike is known for flaunting his his “playboy” lifestyle online revealing in previous posts he wanted to have at least five wives. The most recent video shows him lying in bed with four of the women from the photo.

In another shot he can be seen in the shower with two of them.

On Twitter, there were a few who asked if the claims were “real” or just a “stunt”. Pretty Mike had made headlines back in 2017 after putting female guests in chains and walking them on leashes into a wedding, for which he was reportedly arrested.

“Same madness, different years,” one person wrote, alongside photos from the previous stunt.