Canadian influencer Sarah Nicole Landry encourages moms to let go of insecurities: 'Carry the good stuff'

Sarah Nicole Landry shares a powerful message with fans about the 'nuances' of motherhood. (Photo via
Sarah Nicole Landry shared a powerful message about the fears and insecurities surrounding motherhood. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Create & Cultivate)

Sarah Nicole Landry is receiving praise for her honest post about releasing her fears and insecurities surrounding motherhood.

The Canadian influencer, also known as The Birds Papaya, took to Instagram on Monday to share a series of unedited photos showing off her bikini body with two of her children as they enjoyed a day by the pool.

In the caption, the Guelph, Ont.-based content creator wrote a powerful message about the "catch and release" of meaningful moments — and how we should not let fears and insecurities hold us back from making memories with our kids, especially when it comes to our bodies.

"It’s so easy to forget the things we catch and the things we release. We catch the good stuff. The meaningful memories. Like how good it felt to soak in that moment," the mother-of-four wrote. "We release the moments not serving us. Like the insecurities we carried on the day we did."

"The Papaya Podcast" host's important message informed her followers that the way they look has nothing to do with their ability to be a mother, and encouraged her fans to let that aspect of life go.

"Because when I think back on my own childhood and think about my mother, I carry no memories of her thighs or stretch marks or waist size," Landry continued. "I just carry the good stuff. Her being there. Just being there. That’s enough."

"Catch and carry the good stuff. Release the rest," she added.

Fans immediately weighed in on the uplifting post, praising Landry for her vulnerability and her honest take on motherhood.

"I love this. As I inch closer to motherhood I am reflecting a lot on my own childhood. The magic that my mother created, the memories we made in the mundane and the beauty I saw in her just by her presence," commented a fan. "The pressure we put on ourselves to be or even look a certain way have no weight or effect on the children we will raise. We just have to be present to make the memories that we will all look back on fondly."

"I love reading your captions. They're so beautifully said and impart a great amount of wisdom," wrote another.

"You're right — I don't know why I'm so fearful that my little baby is going to hate my tummy rolls! All she is going to care about is that I'm present in her life," added another.

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