The Internet Can Barely Handle the Moment Sarah Michelle Gellar Met Kylie Minogue in Las Vegas

 Kylie Minogue and Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Kylie Minogue and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Have you seen the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where she meets Kylie Minogue in Las Vegas? No?

This too good to be true moment actually happened IRL, and you can catch it on Sarah Michelle Gellar's Instagram, where she shared her incredible night out in Vegas.

It seems Gellar can't get Minogue out of her head, after watching her perform in her Las Vegas residency show.

The actress attended the show with Teen Wolf producer and writer Jeff Davis, Showboy BakeShop owner Stephen Lowry, and entrepreneur Jared Sullivan. Of course, this included special Kylie-themed cupcakes, which you can see on the Showboy BakeShop’s Instagram account.

Gellar wore a pink dress covered in large silver sequins and peep-toe heels. She pulled back her signature blonde locks into a slick bun and finished it off with a bold smoky eye. This is the look of a woman who has left the kids at home and intends to make the most of it!

Gellar posted several photos of their night, with the caption, "Vegas high!! If you can, go see @kylieminogue at @venetianvegas. The theatre they built @voltairelv is amazing. It’s a major vibe. Best night with my boys and the woman I call #mother."

To which one fan commented, "Mother calling Mother Mother?! My gay heart exploded 🔥"

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After the performance, Gellar and friends met Minogue and took photos. Gellar shared two photos of herself posing with Minogue, who is wearing a massive grin and a red and black outfit that includes matching thigh high boots.

She captioned the post, "Padam ❤️ Padam ❤️ @kylieminogue"

The singer responded, "“Yes SMG. Loved meeting you all 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓”

Fans are beyond excited about this unusual pairing, and the comments were filled with passionate responses.

One fan wrote, "Two heterosexual women just hanging out and yet somehow the most gay iconic thing on the internet today 🙌" and another said, "Mother and mother, mothering. ❤️🔥"

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