The Internet Thinks 'The Crown''s Kate and William Look a Lot Like a Certain 'Twilight' Couple

"What are you? Say it ... out loud." "A prince." - Will and Kate, probably.

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The first photos from The Crown's version of Prince William and Kate Middleton's love story look eerily familiar to another popular couple in the zeitgeist. Under the Scotland fog on the campus of the University of St. Andrews (where the duke and duchess first met), Kate and William (to be played by Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey) are giving Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from Twilight and, of course, the internet was quick to point out the resemblance.

In one shot, Bellamy and McVey were photographed on set of the show's sixth (and final) season, bundled up in rain jackets to stay dry (sound like Forks to anybody else?). In another photo, Bellamy is captured holding a book and looking moody (a favorite pastime of Bella's) while walking past a sitting McVey, who stares longingly from the distance (again, one of Edward's signature moves). In this scene, she wears jeans and a belt (still one of Kate's favorite accessories) and a light jacket. The actress recreated the duchess's signature long brown waves styled in a middle part.

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British Vogue posted the production images to their Instagram with one user commenting, "This pic is giving twilight."

Real students at the university captured videos from set and, naturally, shared them to TikTok. One clip caught a brief exchange between William and Kate, who was holding hands with another man, followed by the prince running after his future wife. One student could be heard hollering, "Go get your girl!" in the background, while the others laughed.

IRL, after meeting at the university in 2001, the duke and duchess began dating in 2003. The couple tied the knot in a lavish, star-studded wedding in 2011. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The final season of The Crown is slated to hit Netflix later this year.

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