Iris Law Relies on This Jewelry Staple to "Effortlessly Elevate" Any Outfit

The model breaks down all the secrets to her unique style.

<p>Tyrone Lebon / Courtesy of David Yurman</p>

Tyrone Lebon / Courtesy of David Yurman

The way we get dressed every morning is as personal as it gets. There are outfit repeaters, vintage treasure hunters, and even emotional dressers. But while everyone loves a good fashion trend, here at InStyle, we're interested in the deeper stuff, too: the way jewelry makes us feel, the way a beloved coat can spark joy on a cold day, the way a pair of shoes can pull a whole look together. How I Get Dressed unpacks fashion routines, rituals, and go-tos — straight from the fashion tastemakers we love.

Iris Law has all the makings of a fashion "It Girl". Scroll through her TikTok, and you’ll find everything from videos directly from the ground at Paris Fashion Week to selfies from the salon moments before getting a mullet. You’ll also get a sense of her often imitated, never duplicated sporty-meets-girly style. Not one to shy away from experimentation, the British model (whose famous parents are actors Jude Law and Sadie Frost) has developed her own point of view since her breakout moment as the face of Miu Miu in 2016. She mixes bows with flat brims, wears luxury labels alongside vintage finds, and layers quirky accessories like a pro. Plus, her godmother is Kate Moss, so she was basically destined for a life in the fashion fast lane.

The 23-year-old model's latest fashion venture brings her into the world of fine jewelry. Today, March 4, Law became jewelry brand David Yurman's newest global ambassador, bringing her fresh perspective to the historic brand. "David Yurman is known for its artistry, attention to design and sculptural beauty, and I think this campaign is a natural fit because we are both determined to tell our stories through the art that we create and wear," says Law of the new partnership. "This campaign is all about celebrating self-expression and using jewelry as modern art for the body."

Ahead, we spoke with the fashion industry phenom about all things personal style. This is Iris Law's take on InStyle's How I Get Dressed.

<p>Lewis Mirrett / Courtesy of David Yurman</p>

Lewis Mirrett / Courtesy of David Yurman

Her Trick to Elevate Any Outfit

"My favorite pieces are the bangle bracelets because they so effortlessly elevate an outfit. I love to stack them up and typically reach for gold when it comes to jewelry. I also love the hoop earrings for everyday wear – with my short hair, I think they add a beautifully simple yet intricate compliment to the face."

How She Jewelry Stacks

"You’ll almost never see me without at least a hoop earring, and I often play around with stacking accessories for fun and to reflect my mood. I also mix metals and materials a lot – there are no rules in my opinion when it comes to style.

"Jewelry is one of my favorite parts of fashion because it makes me feel confident and adds extra flair to my looks. David Yurman creates timeless, contemporary pieces that truly will never go out of style, and the Sculpted Cable collection in particular is such a signature look for the brand. I love styling these pieces and seeing how they can enhance my personal sense of style."

How She Plans Her Outfits

"My outfits revolve mostly around my schedule. I love a good glam moment, but if I don’t have plans or if I’m just running to and from set, I’ll usually wear something that’s more comfortable. Lately, I’ve been planning my outfits around the Sculpted Cable collection – it’s been so fun seeing how the pieces fit with many different aesthetics."

Why She Loves to Vintage Shop

"I would say I have an eclectic style and like to mix secondhand and new pieces. Shopping secondhand gives you even more options to create with, and it’s such a thrill to find a beautiful vintage piece and give it a second life."

Her Clothes With the Best Back Story

"My most prized clothes are the runway pieces that my mum designed for her brand when I was a baby. One day we found them all perfectly boxed and folded in the basement and I had no idea they were there. The blouses and dresses are so unbelievably beautiful, and I remember having this moment as a young teenager being so in awe and shocked I had never seen those clothes that my mum created before and then wearing them throughout all my phases of how I dressed growing up and always feeling close to my mum when I wore them."

The Shoes She Wears With Everything

"Loafers and Mary Janes styles are my go-to shoes. I also often wear a plain white tank top and layer it under a jacket, cardigan, button down, etc."

Her Go-to Outfit Formula

I use shapes and functionality to create outfits mostly. For example, if I’m wearing a small top, I’ll balance it out with oversized shorts, or if I’m going out in nature, I’ll use layers and hats to feel both styled and protected.

The Beauty Trend She's Loving Right Now

"I love my eyebrow slits and will keep retouching them even when trends switch. When you find and adapt something that really feels unique or flattering to your style, it’s not really a trend anymore but part of your identity."

Her Personal Style in Three Words

"Exploration, comfort, change."

Where She Finds Inspiration

"I take style inspiration from the places I travel and the culture and people I meet. I especially am always so inspired by Japan and the attention to natural materials, neutral tones and high-quality craftsmanship."

How Her Style Has Evolved

"I’ve always listened to my inner compass. However, after being in the fashion industry for almost 10 years now, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity for exploration. I still listen to my intuition, but now I take bigger risks in terms of how I choose to execute my vision."

How She Uses Fashion as Self-Expression

"I think that emotions and self-expression are very much intertwined - listening to your emotions is so important to self-expression in fashion. David Yurman’s Sculpted Cable collection is a reliable staple in my wardrobe because, with such a wide variety of pieces to choose from, I know I’ll always find a piece that helps express me and my emotions that day."

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