Is Minnie Mouse 'Hot'? Disney Sells a T-shirt that Says So

A new Disney t-shirt describes Minnie Mouse as
A new Disney t-shirt describes Minnie Mouse as

There have been many sexist t-shirts for girls recently recently declaring things like "I'm too pretty to do my homework so my brother has to do it for me," "I'm too pretty to do math," "Future Trophy Wife" written on them. The Jane Dough points out that Disney is responsible for the latest t-shirt fail, with a new line that uses adjectives to describe their famous characters.

As you can see, the words make up the silhouette of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Check out the new tees here. Some of the words are tricky to read, so we're writing them out for you below.

  • Mickey's descriptors: Clever, Awesome, The Boss, Mischievous, Genuine, Curious, Original, Leader, Funny, and Brave

  • Donald's descriptors: Angry, Fabulous, Quack, Duck, Temper-tantrum, Funny, and Feisty.

  • Goofy's descriptors: Goof, Fun, Comic, Weird, Genuine, Laugh Out Loud, Clumsy, Tall, Smart , Wacky, Silly, and Funny

  • Minnie's descriptors: Cute, Sweet, Gorgeous, Adventurous, Genuine, Adorable, Beautiful, Lovable, Fun, Pretty, and Hot (written in big letters on her foot)

We understand these are playful kids tees, but do you see the problem here? The male characters are all distinguished by their personalities and behaviors. Clever, mischievous, feisty, wacky, funny. The majority of the words used to describe Minnie Mouse are all about her appearance. Gorgeous, adorable, beautiful, pretty, and hot all essentially are the same thing. Is there nothing else worth noting about the female Disney character? Also, is Minnie Mouse "Hot"? And do little kids know what "Hot" means when describing a female cartoon mouse? Sorry Disney. Your new Minnie Mouse tee is not cute, adorable, or lovable. Just like your unrealistic portrayal of girls becoming princesses and living happily ever after, we think this shirt stinks.

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