Is this the greatest marriage proposal ever?

Caitlin McCormack
Shine from Yahoo! CanadaMay 19, 2011

While not every true love story happens in the movies, this one had a significant moment in a movie theatre.

Like most guys, when Matt Still asked his girlfriend Ginny Joiner to marry him he wanted to do so in a creative and special way she would never forget.

So Still made a video trailer of him asking her father’s permission for his daughter’s hand.

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Still enlisted the help of Joiner’s brother Charlie to keep his fiancée-to-be busy while he headed off to prepare his surprise.

After a trailer for “The Hangover 2” plays, the proposal trailer rolls and Joiner whispers to her brother, “This better be good.” She has no idea.

You can see the proposal trailer (and her live reaction) below.  Time to bust out those tissues.

“I just want you to know that I love her too and I am by no means trying to steal her away from you,” he says to her father.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with her, because she is my heart, my friend, my everything.”

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He then proceeds to the theatre, where he orders some popcorn before running down the hall to where his beloved awaits.

In front of a theatre full of people, Still asks Joiner to marry him, and she enthusiastically agrees as the room erupts with cheers from the crowd of their friends and family.

What do you think, is this the greatest marriage proposal ever?

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