Italian Americans Are PISSED Over This Viral Post About Italian Cookies

Well, there's drama in the Italian American community!

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This time it's over Italian cookies.

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What are Italian cookies, you ask?

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Well, I'm sure you've had a delicious rainbow cookie.

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Everyone loves a good pignoli cookie.

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Italian Christmas cookies are addicting.

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And amaretti cookies are a straight up delight.

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My mouth is watering just thinking about all of them!

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Well, apparently, some people have shit taste and don't like nice things!

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A post has activated the ItalianX community like no other proclaiming that "Italians suck so bad at cookies": Twitter: @toebruises

People are MAD.

Twitter: @saintmacklin

Insults are being thrown about.

Twitter: @miaspaced

The battle is ON.

Twitter: @islafissure

"You simply cannot be trusted if you dislike Italian cookies," this person said.

Twitter: @thesluggoddess

"Go eat an Oreo you uncultured swine," another person screamed.

Twitter: @nthonyCarmen

Me, personally, I stand with this sentiment: "If you can't appreciate a rainbow cookie something is deeply wrong with your heart."

Twitter: @n0rthn0rthwest

Let it be known we stand in solidarity with the Italian American community over their cookies.

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We salute you.

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