'It's all about patience' says fitness blogger of regaining her post-baby body


If you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ve surely looked in the mirror and wondered: Will my body ever go back to the way it was before? According to fitness blogger Revie Jane Schulz, it will, but it will take a little patience.

The young mom recently posted a trio of pictures showing what her body looked like at 21 weeks pregnant, 37 weeks pregnant and five months post partum. The transformation is pretty impressive.

“This photo makes me realize 2 things,” Schulz says in the caption. “{1} the female body is seriously amazeballs and {2} Damn! I got some good wear out of these togs.”

But all joking aside, Schulz talks about that feeling she had right after her baby and wondering whether her body would ever recover.

“I remember just after having Lex I still looked about 6 months pregnant. It was such a shock. Despite trying to convince myself that it will go back down, inside I believed my tummy would stay that way forever.”

“It took a good 3 months for my pouch to start shrinking again,” Schulz shares. “But it does shrink back down, I promise. In hindsight, yes, a bit of patience would have come in handy but that has never been my strong suit.”

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