Jack Whitehall says Prince William ‘outrageously shaded’ him with ‘dad joke’ on school visit

Comedian Jack Whitehall says he has been “outrageously shaded” by Prince William following a “dad joke” the future King made on a school visit to the West Midlands.

William shared Princess Charlotte’s favourite joke as he paid a visit to St Michael’s Church of England High school to surprise pupil Freddie Hadly, following a letter he had written to him.

During the visit, the Prince of Wales was asked to share a “dad joke” for the school’s radio station.

Prince William said: “I’m kind of trying to channel Jack Whitehall, because most of his jokes are pretty dad-like.”

The comedian shared his response to William’s comment in an Instagram video posted on Thursday (25 April).

He captioned the video: “An outrageous shading from the future King. #DadJokes #theregoesmyknighthood.”