Jake Arnold’s New Rug Collection Is Packed With Design Lessons and We’re Taking Notes

Something chic is underfoot.

<p>Jake Arnold x Lulu & Georgia </p>

Jake Arnold x Lulu & Georgia

Jake Arnold is one of the hottest interior designers right now. Known for his furniture line with Crate and Barrel and his bedding collaboration with Parachute, his latest launch is an addition to his gorgeous rug collection with Lulu and Georgia.

Arnold describes the collection as fresh, versatile, and textured. “The darker tones feel bold yet remain neutral. They are an ideal way to introduce an element of interest into your space with something that may initially seem simplistic, but through the use of color and pattern, truly adds dimension to any room.”

Regardless of which rug you choose (and it may be challenging to choose just one), these sleek contemporary pieces bring a chic designer touch to any room in the home. So, if hiring Arnold himself isn't feasible (though we can all dream, right?), this collection might just be the next best thing. Are you ready for more fabulous floors? Here are some styling tips from the designer, along with a glimpse of the collection.

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Styling Tips

If you're looking to incorporate rugs (specifically one from the new line!) into your home, Arnold suggests going with a soothing monochromatic look. “Match the rug to other elements in the same palette in your space—whether it be the floor, a piece of furniture, or an accent pillow. I also love the idea of mixing these rugs together side by side in the same space or adjoining rooms as the palette is really complementary.” But no matter what you do, it’s really hard to make a mistake with any of these beautiful rugs.

Collection Favorites

Havenhurst Jute Rug

<p>Jake Arnold x Lulu & Georgia</p>

Jake Arnold x Lulu & Georgia

Jute rugs have made a major comeback in recent years and there's good reason for it. This material is both versatile and durable, with a timeless quality that makes these rugs a smart investment. Arnold tells me that, at the moment, the Havenhurst Jute Rug in Washed Black is one of his favorites from the collection.

Not sure where to place your jute rug? According to the designer, these rugs typically work well in high-traffic areas such as living rooms, dining spaces, and entryways. However, if you really want one in your bedroom or home office, don't hesitate to go for it.

Harper Jute Rug

<p>Jake Arnold x Lulu & Georgia</p>

Jake Arnold x Lulu & Georgia

The Harper Jute Rug is truly a showstopper. It’s also one of the most versatile options because it can easily blend in with contemporary, modern, and traditional spaces along with everything in between, especially in Ivory and Natural colors. At the same time, it’s hard to resist the cool Midnight and warm Brown hues.

Abbey Hand-Knotted Wool Rug

<p>Jake Arnold x Lulu & Georgia</p>

Jake Arnold x Lulu & Georgia

The Abbey Hand-Knotted Wool Rug has minimalist vibes without being cold. Still, it’s plush and timeless. Made of 100% wool, it’s an ideal rug for bedrooms or any room where a soft feeling underfoot is desired.

Chiltern Hand-Knotted Rug

<p>Jake Arnold x Lulu & Georgia</p>

Jake Arnold x Lulu & Georgia

The Chiltern Hand-Knotted Rug in Rust is one of Arnold’s personal favorites, telling me. "They feel really timeless yet modern, and bring a lot of visual interest to a space.” Also available in Moss, Copper, and Mauve, the deep red-brown is a fantastic way to incorporate bold and rich earth tones into a space.

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