James Middleton gives insight into family Easter activities - and they're adorable

Man with dog
James Middleton on Good Morning Britain (Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

James Middleton has shared an insight into what he and his family will be getting up to over Easter weekend – and his plans involve his adorable pooches!

Taking to the official Instagram page for his dog food company, James&Ella, the 36-year-old entrepreneur shared a video in which he took issue with the ingredients contained in an Easter egg treat for dogs that he picked up at a pet shop.

In the caption, James penned: "Is this wrong or is it just me?? I'm starting to see more and more 'human' products now available for dogs… But that got me thinking... Where do we draw the line?

"I am so pleased that dogs are being seen as part of the family, but has the humanisation of dogs gone too far (a chocolate Easter egg too far)? What do you think??? Let me know your thoughts in the comments."

Quick to concur with James in the comments section, one person wrote: "Totally agree, but a lucrative business I guess. More playtime together is probably what most pets would wish for in their Easter eggs."

Four dogs watching over a baby in a pram
James' dogs will be getting involved in the Easter festivities (Instagram)

Responding to his follower, the dad-of-one revealed that his pack of six dogs will be taking part in a treasure hunt this weekend. "A treasure hunt with healthy treats is my go-to method to involve my dogs in Easter festivities," he wrote.

More of the Middletons

James and Alizee welcomed a son in October this year
James Middleton shares six dogs with his wife Alizee (Instagram)

James owns six four-legged friends, Zulu, Inka, Luna, Mabel, Nala and Isla, who live at his home in Berkshire, which he shares with his wife, Alizeé and baby son Inigo.

The businessman, who is the younger brother of Catherine, Princess of Wales, has been very open about relying on his furry friends in times of need.

His beloved dog Ella, who sadly passed away last year, was a therapy dog from Pets As Therapy and "saved his life" whilst he was struggling with depression.

James Middleton and a black dog
James was very close with his dog, Ella

She was also the inspiration for James' business James&Ella, a happiness and wellness company for dogs that offers premium freeze-dried raw dog food.

On his website, James explains how he started the company in 2020 as a way of "giving back to my dogs that have done so much for me".

james middleton ella
Ella was the inspiration for James' company James&Ella (Photo: Instagram)

"I've found it important to talk about my mental health problems throughout my life," he writes. "I want anyone with similar issues to know they aren't alone. No matter your background, religion or race; mental health can affect you, regardless of your privilege.

"Dogs have always been there for me throughout my struggles in life with depression and loneliness."