Jamie Otis shares body positive life update after Instagram 'detox': 'I admire you'

Jamie Otis has announced her return to Instagram after a short hiatus. (Photo via Getty Images)
Jamie Otis has announced her return to Instagram after a short hiatus. (Photo via Getty Images)

Jamie Otis is getting back to sharing her true self.

The 36-year-old took to Instagram on Wednesday to post a video of herself announcing her return to the platform after a short hiatus. In the clip, the "Married At First Sight" star wore a pink snakeskin print bikini as she danced beside a pool and showed off her body.

On top of the video, Otis added on-screen text that read, "Don't compare yourself to anyone you see on the internet. They're all filtered and don't look like that in real life anyway," while adding a few emojis.

"Took a week off [Instagram] to detox but I'm back. And juuuust in case you haven't seen an unfiltered, unposed bod show up on your feed in a while, here's mine!" Otis started in her caption for the post, which updates fans on her life.

The "Bachelor Pad" alum shared that she took the past "magical" week to relax and do "absolutely nothing important" except watch "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" and read books written by Lisa Jewell.

"Well, nothing important other than go school shopping for Gracie girl, who starts kindergarten In one week! Feeling all sorts of mixed emotions with this," the mother-of-two wrote about her four-year-old daughter whom she shares with Doug Hehner.

Otis continued by updating her fans on her upcoming plans for the week.

"Tomorrow, Doug and I fly up to his hometown to see some of his high school friends, and honestly, it'll be the first true 'break' from our sweet babies since before our road trip," she penned, while adding: "We're gonna go to Six Flags and be big kids and just date each other all weekend long."

Otis also added that her son, two-year-old Hendrix, has been "fever freer and super healthy and happy all week."

"What have you been up to all week?!" Otis asked her fans. "I've missed ya! Are you prepping for school, too?!"

Fans were quick to fill the comments of Otis's post with appreciation for her "realness" and inspiration.

"I admire you so much. You are amazing and you are so real,"

"You have no idea how much I needed this right now,"

"Love your realness! So inspiring all the time! Thank you for showing what real women look like. It's hard to not get caught up in all the Instagram models!"

"Doesn’t it feel so freeing to wear the freakin' bikini you want to and not worry about others's opinions?!!! If hubby loves my body and can embrace me, why can't I?!!! Love it, girl!"

"Love your posts. So real and honest!! You inspire me. I’ve never felt so good in my own skin!! Thank you!!"

"We are all an original work of art that cannot be compared to each other. We are all beautiful women and need to stop letting others tell us what we need to look like."

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