'Married At First Sight' star opens up about opioid addiction

The married reality stars opened up about drug addiction in their family.

Married At First Sight Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner (Instagram/@jamienotis)
"Married At First Sight" Jamie Otis's husband Doug Hehner is getting real about his addiction (Photo via Instagram/@jamienotis)

Jamie Otis is opening about her husband's opioid addiction.

The 36-year-old "Married At First Sight" star shared an Instagram reel Wednesday night with a clip from her and her husband Doug Hehner's podcast, "Hot Marriage Cool Parents."

In the episode, Hehner — who is clean now — shared his struggle with addiction. Otis penned an emotional caption reflecting on his journey.

"Not many people know this but Doug has been battling opioid addiction for nearly 20 years. He kept it secret from me when we were first 'Married At First Sight,'" Otis said.

She said she unexpectedly found out when she was seven months pregnant with their daughter Henley.

"Doug was outside cleaning the pool. I went upstairs to go pee [and] shower—when I opened the lid to the toilet I saw an empty Suboxone wrapper in the toilet."

For context, Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone that is generally used to treat opioid addiction.

Otis said she immediately began crying when she found the wrapper.

"I thought for sure my husband was a drug addict. Thank God I fell in love [with] Doug before I knew about the addiction [because] drugs were a deal breaker for me."

Otis continued that her family was "ripped" apart by drugs, as her stepdad was an addict and became abusive to her mom, who also eventually "succumbed to drugs too."

The reality star became her younger sister's guardian when she was just 20 due to that.

"Addiction is a nasty disease that leaves good people depressed [and] desperate," Otis wrote. "Drug addicts aren't bad — it's the drugs that are bad... my hubby showed me this."

She added she is "incredibly proud" of her husband for opening up and sharing his journey, in hopes it could help someone else.

Hehner commented under the post saying the Suboxone was essential to his recovery from addiction.

"It helped me feel normal and productive, without fear and anxiety of withdrawals... On the other hand, it becomes a medication that you have to take daily, in order to prevent withdrawals," he wrote.

I’ve been clean for over 11 years now, which I am learning to be proud of, and not ashamed of.Doug Hehner

Hehner said he is becoming more comfortable sharing this part of his life, and getting off Suboxone is the last step in his recovery.

He thanked Otis, his family and friends for being supportive.

The couple's fans also chimed in to give kudos for Hehner's vulnerability.

"It takes so much courage to open up and let the world in. Kudos to you Doug! Keep fighting the good fight!," one Instagram user commented.

"This is raw and real.A lot of bravery in sharing this!," another added. "It’s a hard battle. I am proud to follow both of you! You two are real and transparent and willing to let others see your struggles in hopes of helping others."

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