'Life's too short': Jamie Otis opens up about 'mom bod' and postpartum insecurities

The reality television star took to Instagram with a note on overcoming "postpartum insecurities."

Jamie Otis is embracing her "mom bod."

Over the weekend, the 36-year-old "Married At First Sight" star took to Instagram with a video of herself posing in a black, high-waisted bikini. She paired it with a detailed caption on overcoming her "postpartum insecurities."

The Instagram reel included on-screen text that urged her fans not to let body image issues stand in the way of "making memories."

"If there's something you want to do, just do it," she wrote. "If there's someone you want to talk to, talk to 'em. Who knows who we'd be if we just lived more."

Otis began her caption by revealing that her body "bounced back" after her first pregnancy with her five-year-old daughter Henley. But after her second pregnancy with her son, two-year-old Hendrix, she gained weight.

"I have more 'baby weight' now," she penned. "But I refuse to let myself hide away and miss out on making memories in the pool with my family this summer."

She added: "I may be 35 pounds overweight, but I'm putting the suit on and going swimming."

Otis explained she has found "many tricks" to feeling confident in her new body.

"The first is faking it 'til ya make it," she wrote. "The second is to get all the clothes and swimsuits that are most flattering for your new body type."

While Otis admitted that it would be nice to have "some magic pill" to make her "feel like a supermodel," she is committed to enjoying summer and making "amazing memories" with her family. She's urging her followers to follow suit.

"Life's too short and if I can overcome these postpartum insecurities then you can too!," the mom of two wrote.

The "Bachelor" alum's post was met with praise for her body-positive reminder.

"Thank you for sharing this, I needed it today! You look amazing — 35 pounds extra or not. Stunning mama!," an Instagram user commented.

Another shared: "Your confidence is radiant!"

"Absolutely stunning. Your confidence is shining," someone echoed.

"I think that you look absolutely beautiful and I love the positivity that you are demonstrating for all the mamas out there!," a commenter added.

In March, Otis shared another body-positive video about taking her kids swimming, despite not having had time to shave.

"Making core memories with my babies," she penned in the caption.

Otis shared that she used to be "hard on herself" for having "body hair, cellulite and fat rolls," before realizing her husband and kids "could not care less about any of that."

"I stopped pressuring myself to be what I thought was 'perfect' and gosh, there's such a freedom in being able to have a bikini line full of razor burn and hair and still put the suit on and let your kiddos swim between your legs at a public pool," Otis wrote.

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