Jamie Otis opens up about confidence: 'I haven't felt my prettiest lately'

Jamie Otis is getting real about her confidence.

On Monday, the "Married At First Sight" star took to Instagram to share a video of herself showing lip-synching to "Pretty's On The Inside" by Gathoni Da Diva, while showing the difference between a beauty filter and reality.

"I haven't felt my prettiest lately," she penned in the caption. "Not just my appearance, but my overall vibe."

Otis admitted that she has recently felt "frazzled and stressed" as she and her husband Doug Hehner try "for another baby."

"Everywhere I turn I'm told that because I'm 36 I'll be having a 'geriatric pregnancy," she explained, adding that it "doesn't help with the not feeling so pretty, either."

"This reel is such a good reminder that behind the Instagram filters, ain't no one lookin' that polished and perfect in real life!" she continued. "And that's OK! We are beautiful. Life is messy and complicated, but it is truly beautiful."

Fans met Otis's video with supportive comments and applause for her honesty.

"I love your vulnerability! We're only human. Confidence fluctuates!" someone wrote, while another fan commented, "This is why I follow you — because you’re real."

"Thanks a lot for being an inspiration to all of us," wrote another.

"Thank you, as always, for your words and reminders that we are all enough. No one is perfect. It helps to know you’re not alone!" one person shared.

A fan added: "To me, you have never been more beautiful! Seriously! You are more gorgeous than ever and look the best you ever have!"

Last month, Otis gave her fans an update on her recent fertility struggles.

Otis and Hehner currently have two children, a five-year-old daughter, Henley, and a two-year-old son, Hendrix.

She began by letting fans know that despite her and Hehner's best efforts, she is "not pregnant, unfortunately," but still "hopeful."

"I'm going to try really hard not to overthink it," she said. "I guess when you're in your 30s — I'm considered advanced maternal age, geriatric pregnancy — so I guess you gotta do things differently."

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