Jamie Otis opens up about fertility struggles: 'It's now been 3 years of trying'

The reality star says she's beginning to question whether they're even "meant" to have more kids.

(Instagram/@jamieotis)Jamie Otis shared a candid message opening up about fertility struggles. (Instagram/@jamieotis)
Jamie Otis shared a candid message opening up about fertility struggles. (Instagram/@jamieotis)

Jamie Otis is giving her fans an update on her ongoing fertility struggles.

In a candid Instagram reel on Thursday, the "Married At First Sight" star let her followers in on the results of her latest attempt at a pregnancy with her husband Doug Hehner. The pair already share two children, a six-year-old daughter named Henley and a three-year-old son named Hendrix.

The video begins with Otis humorously acknowledging the nerves that come with taking a home pregnancy test. "I'm going to take a pregnancy test. I'm like, ready. I got my stack of pregnancy tests. This isn't my first pee so it might be negative. I'm going to tell myself that, first of all," she said.

The "Bachelor" alum explained she and Hehner were able to try "harder than we have in a long time," as they "had the chances to" while they spent some child-free time at a hotel room. "We were at hotel rooms and able to just execute," she revealed.

Otis noted while she has "a blocked fallopian tube," she has made an effort to eat healthier and reduce inflammation.

"That will hopefully open up that fallopian tube and then I'll have better chances of getting pregnant without needing help."

In the caption, Otis continued to confront the stark reality of her three-year fertility journey and admitted that the recurring negative pregnancy test results have taken a toll on her optimism.

"It's now been 3 years of trying for another baby," she penned. "I never thought I'd ever 'give up' on trying to grow our family, but lately I've been wondering if maybe we aren't meant to have more? I really feel in my heart we are. I've always thought that ... but am I wrong?

"Seeing negative after negative does something to you as a woman," she added. "So, onto another month of trying."

In the comments, fans left supportive messages and praised Otis for her transparency about her fertility journey.

"Don't give up hope. Praying for you both," a Instagram user commented.

"Sending all positive vibes your way," one person wrote.

"Thank you for your authenticity in tough times. We see you in your struggle and we are all rooting for you," a commenter shared.

"Sending you baby love!," another quipped.

"I completely understand. At least you have been blessed with two," someone weighed in. "Some people can’t even have one!"

In November 2022, Otis reflected on her fertility struggles with her fans in another detailed Instagram message. In a lengthy video of herself and her husband discussing their conception difficulties, she shared, "I have been so tired, and I'm like, 'I must be pregnant. This has got to be it.'

"I don't care when we conceive the baby at this point. Just give us the baby."

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