Jamie Otis stands up to body shamer who criticized video of husband lifting her up: 'His back is just fine'

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Jamie Otis has a thing or two to say to a body shamer who criticized the TV personality's joyful beachfront video with her husband.

On Saturday, the Married at First Sight star re-posted a video, which originally went up on March 26 in honor of the couple's eighth anniversary. The video showed Otis, dressed in a black and leopard print bathing suit, being twirled around in the arms of her husband and Married at First Sight co-star, Doug Hehner. Except this time, the Instagram video showed the nasty comment from a social media troll.

"Use ur knees buddy, hurt your knees pickin up that much weight," the body shamer commented on the post.

However, Otis didn't hesitate to respond in the new post, using the hurtful comment as an opportunity to celebrate body positivity.

"Just wanted to let ya know his back is just fine," Otis wrote. "Try lifting a woman up. You'll see it's actually easy and doesn't hurt at all." She added several hashtags, including "women empowerment" and "body positivity."

Otis frequently chronicles her stories of body positivity, as well as those of other people, on her page "Becoming Body Positive." This isn't the first time the former Bachelor contestant has responded to internet trolls, either. Back in 2017, a woman left a comment on a Facebook video that criticized the way the reality star's breasts looked.

“I’m just trying to figure out what’s lopsided — her boobs, her bra or her shirt. ... Woman, have some respect for yourself,” the commenter wrote, People reported.

But Otis didn't take the comment lying down. In fact, she sent the woman a private message, and responded in length in a blog post.

“I am a bit hormonal so please forgive me in advance for my brutal honesty on this topic,” Otis, who was pregnant at the time, wrote on her blog. (The post has since been deleted.) “I guess I am a bit sensitive, too. I’ve been bullied and shamed before — it’s not fun. I used to be so insecure that I would just keep quiet and not say anything. It’s time people who are being bullied and shamed stand up for themselves.”

She continued, sharing that the woman didn't back down, telling the reality star to be more modest and that the “world doesn’t need to see” her breasts. Realizing the woman would never apologize, Otis decided to disengage.

“My goal in sharing this experience is that any woman who stumbles across this post will just think about their comments before they post them,” she wrote at the time. “Maybe we as women could go out of our way to build each other up instead of tear each other down. And if you’re reading this after being bullied or shamed, please know you are not alone. Don’t go hide in shame, but instead stand up to your bully.”

Last month, Otis and Hehner celebrated their eighth anniversary, after meeting for the first time at their wedding on the popular reality show. In the post on March 22, Otis discussed the couple's unusual path to wedded bliss.

“We were on Season 1 of Married At First Sight. They all laughed and mocked us when we said, ‘I do’ as complete strangers. Back then no one had ever done it before. (I literally didn't even know my hubby's name until our wedding day sooo maybe they had valid reason to call us cray cray!?!) Lol! But that's the thing about society norms — they can really hold ya back,” wrote Otis, who added that “If I had listened to everyone's criticism and never followed my heart I would've missed out on growing a love like I've never known.”

The couple now share two children: daughter Henley, 4, and son Hendrix, 2.

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