Jamie Otis shares 'confidence booster' in body-positive post

The reality television star wants women to embrace their bodies even if they are "fatter."

Jamie Otis isn't letting her insecurities stop her.

On Monday, the 36-year-old "Married At First Sight" star shared a sun-soaked video on Instagram of herself dancing in a small inflatable pool, wearing a white two-piece swimsuit and brown sunglasses. She paired the clip with an empowering message, encouraging her fans to embrace their bodies, "even if you're fatter than you used to be."

"'I'm too fat. Is my cellulite showing? My body is different after having babies. I have stretch marks,'" the mom-of-two wrote in the on-screen text. "Quiet! Hush your mouth!"

"If you tell yourself you're too fat, too old, too ugly — or anything like that — listen to me now, out of all the love in my heart, hush [your] mouth," Otis began the caption.

"Even if you are fatter than you used to be, even if you haven't lost the baby weight yet, even if your boobs sag to your belly button, even if your thighs are covered in cellulite, even if your body jiggles a [little] when you walk."

Otis added women have "a whole lot more to offer the world than the size and shape of our bodies.

"Going into summer, I hope this helps give you the confidence booster you need to just put the bathing suit on and go swimming," she concluded.

The "Bachelor" alum's body-positive reminder was met with applause from fans.

"Yes! Thank you for this reminder! I’m embracing this, this summer!," an Instagram user commented, while another added, "I adore you! Keep being you! You are such an inspiration for so many women."

One person shared: "Thank you for this! I'm missing out on too many moments with my son because of my insecurities (being in a swimsuit etc). I have to remember at the end of the day no one really cares!"

"You are the best. Thank you, I needed this," wrote another.

"I love this so much! I struggle sometimes with my 'mom bod,' but your posts help me wear the bathing suit!," someone commented.

In March, Otis shared another body-positive video about wearing a bathing suit and going swimming, despite not having had time to shave.

"Making core memories with my babies," she captioned a video of herself in a pool with her two children.

"I stopped pressuring myself to be what I thought was 'perfect' and gosh, there's such a freedom in being able to have a bikini line full of razor burn and hair and still put the suit on and let your kiddos swim between your legs at a public pool."

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